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  • Planned Parenthood?

    When you think about planned parenthood, what is the one thing that comes to mind first? Planning on Becoming a Parent? Thats what the name of the organization seems to suggest but its not really is it?

  • Companies that do not Want to Acknowledge Christmas?

    You know what it is really interesting to see companies that want you to shop and spend money at their business locations for Christmas but do not want to really accept that there really is only one reason for Christmas.  Companies AGAINST “Christmas” Barnes & NobleFamily DollarFoot LockerLimited BrandsMaurice’sOffice DepotPet SmartRadio ShackStaplesSupervaluVictoria’s Secret Companies marginal…

  • Starbucks creates mountain out of mole hill

    Well it appears that Starbucks has created a serious problem that for most people had died down. There are a minority of people in the US that truly believe that Gun Control works, just ask any of the families of the victims of violence if they wish they could have been there to shoot the…