Snowden, Chapman, The Spy who Loved me?

Ok, I know how this must sound, but you really cannot make this kind of thing up…

If Snowden were to Marry, Chapman then there would be a situation where Snowden could legally stay so long as he does not make her mad, hmmm, the alternative is Bubba, in the US Prison System, seems like a good deal at this point. .. .

But the thing here is this, how did it get this far out of hand? Would it not have been smarter to just diminish the situation, wait till Snowden was in reach then make an arrest?

Instead they push Snowden into the Arms of Chapman, in at least one funny attempt at humor, someone online commented that if Snowden did not accept the offer he would…


snowden defecting to another nation?

This could be one of the most difficult issues effecting this nation for many years to come. What happened that a person that could have been a defector, an agent, a spy?

That would have created this situation that has literally gotten so far out of hand that snowden is considering defecting to another nation because he fears the US system of justice?

It is perhaps something to consider…

Should we now feel sorry for the man or should we revile him as a bad person who has done damage to America, the thing is how bad is this?

We know that wiki-leaks the self styled propaganda company or association of people or what ever they are helped to get snowden out of hong kong.


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homeless hungry used as mules?


 This is a story that you may think is fiction, it may sound like the latest in popular fiction, in fact there are some online that are presenting theories about the evil events in Boston that occurred for the first time in 12 years.

There are some that are saying that there were police there before the explosion and that they were actively looking for suspects (before) the attack) There are those that say that homeless were used as a mule to transport bags that could have contained these devices.





The truth is we do not know much and also on top of that insult, there is a report that there is a concentrated effort to create a person of interest where none really exists then later arrest that person of interest and solve the case.

This sounds insane…

It sounds like it could be the latest spy plot in a best selling book…

What if its true….

What if to insulate a political party from insult and responsibility the ultimate spin job is under way to frame a suspect that fits into what they want you to believe may have happened.

Again this sounds like a book written to be produced on a kindle product.

We truly do not know what is going on but the silence is disturbing…

What ever the truth is, the color of the persons skin is not what we need to be concerned about.

Yet the media would have us thinking about skin color, is that not racist and inflammatory.