Rolling Stone may not be so hot off the press

We all know that there are controversies, in every day life, sometimes we run into them in a line at a supermarket.

But, we don’t have to take it, you can go to a different line at that supermarket or you can leave and go to the next store right down the road, usually a short distance.

We know that there are people out there that we may not like or get along with but its an easy fix, we can just avoid them or smile and wave as we duck around the corner.

The problem here is that this publication has apparently forgotten its place in society.

There is a place for controversy, we are human after all and yes discussion can often become controversial, however there is a limit to what the public will entertain.  Often times you hear about the idea that freedom of speech does not cover yelling fire in a crowded theater.

Which is both understandable and prudent, the ironic thing is that many times those using that epitaph, do so in a manner and convention that has nothing at all to do with the conversation at hand.

The magazine at the center of this controversy has in the past been a subjective and willing host for all manner of the strange and unusual, however this time, we have what amounts to an accused child killer, who has been subjectively displayed in the same manner as Rock Stars…

This is not controversy this is something that stinks and should be withdrawn.

There is a time and place for discussion, however the idea that American Youth can identify with a Man raised in a war torn part of the world in a part of the world where few Americans can even contemplate the circumstances of his youth.

This idea is offensive.

The truth about what this magazine has become is best left as a stone unturned, As something that should crawl back under said stone…




Rolling Stone Too Stoned for its own good?

What is going on inside this magazine, we have the Rolling Stone allegedly about to do something that is very dangerous, what is going on when a magazine creates a cover like this one…

According to a page on Linked in

Wenner Media, LLC, a privately held company headquartered in New York City, publishes Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men’s Journal magazines.

So were curious is it now Rolling Stoned?

Allegedly the Second Highest Mass Murders and Maiming of Americans…

Is this really what you would want on the cover of your magazine?

How sick and twisted is this company and who are they anyway…

So what is going on in America when a magazine does something like this in an effort to make money?

How allegedly sick and depraved is this, Were not sure where this falls but one thing for sure were never going to ever patronize this magazine or any of its other publications.

such as, listed above, Us Weekly and Men’s Journal magazines.

Just Refuse to buy it vote with your wallet.

Vote by using your voice,, and