US Credit Rating now AA

The handwriting is on the wall now, and if congress and the White-house do not take some action to get a flat tax in place, a capitol gains holiday to those individuals that hire and start a new business, (creating more jobs)  then the stock market will crash to what some are predicting will be around 8000 or slightly more.

It is very distressing and this is not on Bush this is on this administration, Green Span needs to come out of retirement, the treasurer, needs to resign, we need change and real hope not fake hope based on promises that were never kept.

This is on the Whitehouse and that is the fact of the matter.

We need the following from our congress and the White house.

1. Flat Tax

2. Balanced Budget Amendment
    (now not later not next year not next month now)

3. Capitol Gains Tax holiday for business hiring
     and bringing money back into the US and providing
     jobs for at least 6 months.

This is not rocket science people, get it together and get it together now.

This is not acceptable and we must have progress that is in line with the will of the American People.

America has had a AAA credit rating since 1913 and it did not happen until 2011, so you cant blame bush or katrina.

It is time to do the right thing for the American people we need our congress to do the right thing and pass the right bills so that American can get back to the business of what we do best, and that is innovation and creative solutions to complex problems.

This is not what America is all about, The treasurer should  resign right now and the FED chairman need to resign as well.

 Look for serious trouble come Monday, some are saying it could go as low as 7900 but its really anyone’s guess.

The fact is that congress had the chance to act, and you know who is to blame for this mess.

Harry Reid, he is the one that refused to pass the right bills that would have stopped this insanity, thanks Harry, by the way did you get out of the stock market early?




congress tells you what they think

They hate, you they think that your stupid.

You know what, I am not sure but I think that when someone insults you and tells you they think your stupid that means that they dont like you.

Will congress tell you what they think of you?

As news agencies report that congress may not address the tax cut issue which many see as vital to the recovery of the teetering economy.

The idea that our congress will retire and campaign, is one that is reprehensible.

Simply because, when it was time to bail out wall street and all the unions and every single other interest except the people of the United States, Back then it was an “Emergency” it was a “Crisis moment”

When health care came up it was lets work till midnight.

Lets stay late and charge it to the People, lets eat Steak and let them eat cake.
You know what this is why no matter what those bums in Washington decide to do we are going to vote them out of office.

So go ahead and campaign, if you like you would be better off, making your retirement plans because the people are sick and tired of all the crap that you people in Washington are dishing out and come November no amount of mud slinging, no amount of negative campaigning, no amount of lies will change the problem that you have created.

You will be voted out.