Citizens of America Speak Loud…

Everyone can hear the swell of the Freedom of Americans Voting people out of office that do not respect the constitution of the United States of America.

It is clear that when it comes to the right of the citizens of America to defend themselves against those that would attack and murder their families that Voters are not going to allow liberal idiots to attempt to disarm them. 

This nation was founded upon the right to keep and bear arms.

This is what they look like….

Its time for America to fight back against fools in office, the oath of office is to protect and defend the constitution.
Its time for America to fight back against fools in office, the oath of office is to protect and defend the constitution.

Its not about politics

It is not about policy, it is not about the things that we just do not understand, but it is all about the things that we do understand. What we understand is that New York has a Mayor that allegedly does not respect, the truth, that peopel are what its all about.


Does Fox news distort the news?

Is it fair to say that every news company has a slant to the news?

We have to ask because it appears that fox news may not be doing you a favor at all,

Here is a recent alleged, Breaking News, GM November Sales up 21 percent, but is that true?

Would it not be more accurate to say that retail sales are not all they appear to be when you subtract Government, purchases, that sales are not up at all, allegedly, so that is not news is it?

That is what is interesting to me, because you could say that Union and special interest purchases are not true sales at all, but allegedly just marginal indications that some form of property is being transferred.

Over the last few months, it it becoming apparent that Fox news is not all it claims to be, but they can prove it by standing by the claim that they are fair and balanced, not just presenting a half truth such as the example above, respect, is what this is about, respect for intelligence.

WE are not stupid but apparently the media including Fox news thinks that we are all stupid zombies.


Burning the Koran?

Update, the burning of the Koran has been temporarily delayed, as the Pastor schedules talks that may help in fostering religious tolerance of course this will not stop them from burning the American flag…

But perhaps it is a step in the right direction.

You, know when you think about respect, this life is filled with strife, there is hardly a day that goes by where some thing or another is not a problem or some trouble comes to pay you a visit, yet we find a way to over come, we do not worry about how a problem feels.

We just find a way to over come that problem.

Respect should be an evenly spaced event, you would think that if you want respect you would in turn be willing to give that respect.

The problem here is not respect it is the willingness to live in peace.

When you watch the video below you will not see a people that are interested in living in peace and that is the problem, you cannot appease a tyrant.

In this story we have two problems, one is that we have a man who is tired of not having any respect, in a world where it is ok to burn a bible and it is ok to burn the American flag, and it is ok to ban public prayer in our schools, and it is no longer politically correct to have a Christmas tree, this man is tired of no respect.

I tend to agree with the way he feels, but I do not believe that burning a Koran is the way to achieve the respect he desires.

Is Burning the Koran Un American?

I have to ask this because this is interesting to me, because they continually burn the American Flag, and they Cut off the heads of Reporters, Thats all ok, really its ok to burn the American flag?

It must be because you see it all the time, no respect for America, but now in a news story at Fox news, we see that the state department is calling the plan to burn a Koran as Un American.

But burning the flag is ok right? Wrong, it is not ok, and until they stop doing that then why should I support the state department?

It just makes no sense.

This is a double standard, if they expect respect then perhaps they should show some respect.

To be honest, I feel that neither should be allowed, but if they can burn our flag, then the freedom to do either should be available to the same people, respect is a two way street.