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  • Unemployment at all time high?

    We see the Media talking about employment figures that suggest that things are going well, but the truth is not a part of the news that the media report. Unemployment at less than 6 percent?   But we learn that Millions were not counted. . .    We hear that there is no inflation… But…

  • Bundy Ranch under Attack

    What can we do about this before it runs into another Waco or Ruby Ridge? Why are they doing this? The only thing you can do right now to stop this is to Vote in November… Vote because Tyrants in office can only be removed by Voting them out.   Watch the Video

  • Do you know what freedom really is.

    The truth about fools in office now is that they need to be removed from office, they need to be voted out of office. The Freedom to live in America is something that we should begin to understand or loss our freedom forever.

  • Free Speech?

    Do we now live in a country where we are no longer allowed to speak freely? What do they fear? Why do they do this? When will these people be removed from positions of responsibility?

  • remove bloomberg

    Is Bloomberg a menace to the people of the state of New York?Should he be removed from office? While there is no recall mechanism in place in NY, (which explains why so many politicians are such Jack ASSess,) certainly they should because if a man cannot lead in office by doing the will of the…

  • Angle pulls ahead of Reid in NV race?

    Well it sure looks like the dirty tricks are starting to really get some traction. Reports are coming in that some vote fraud (allegedly) is being endorsed by the Sec of State for Nevada. Should this be true, that leader might be removed if convicted of participating in vote buying which is illegal allegedly in…

  • Former Gov Blago

    Now we all know that this guy has been through the ringer, and his life has been really radically changed, the guy has been called every name in the book, we wont repeat the book you have heard it from fox news and from every network, all making fun of him for doing what he…

  • Obama administration scores a win

    Well one thing for sure, when they do something right we want to report it, and they did by filing an appeal against a rather ignorant lawsuit allegedly brought by the ACLU, which was about enemy combatants having legal rights in other countries, ignorant for real, and the judge that ruled, for this action, should…