senate working against America?

Is the Senate and Harry Reid allegedly working against the American people?

In a recent news report, this headline came up.

US Senate Votes For Repeal of Ethanol Subsidies, on the surface this might seem like a good thing, but is it really as good as it might seem to be?

Lets think about this for a moment, First were putting our food in our gas tanks, this is by order of law.

Second lets consider the effect that this will have not only in the cost of fuel, but in the cost of other things.

With the Ethanol subsidies gone, the cost of this will have to be passed on to the consumer, (voters) like you and me, so expect 12 to 15 cents a gallon increase in the cost of fuel.

Now lets have a clear look at what is going to happen next, Ethanol must be created from corn, which has caused the price of corn to go up.

This in turn has caused the price Dairy products such as milk to go up.

As a consequence the cost of meat, has gone up.

This “trickle down effect” has created a serious problem for America and it leads right to the door of Harry Reid.

Should harry reid resign because he allegedly has disgraced the Senate with his ignorance?

Did Harry know this was going to happen we dont know, but one thing is for sure, they had the ability to make it right the first time but they failed to do it, why is that?

Want to know how easy it would have been to make this work out right?

Just reduce the requirement of ethanol to gasoline ratios, and over night, the cost of all these things would have gone down.

But that is not what they did, what they did was to pass the cost of the ethanol directly on to the consumer, that is the voter.

You see just how little they the politicians care about you, who have to fill your tanks with expensive ethanol laced gas products.

You see just how little they think about you as a voter when they do these things.

It is Amazing to watch what these people do, because it shows you just how little they care about America.

  • They concentrate on things like trying to criminalize the Internet, (allegedly)
  • They do things that benefit themselves, but do not include the people in those same benefits.
  • They life a life that is far above what any American could afford to live, yet never consider that the voters are watching.
  • They think that you are so dumb and ignorant that you will never figure out what they are doing.

The truth is that most all of those Senators up there need to be voted out of office, because they are not doing the peoples business.

They need to be voted out to send a message that the American people are to come first now last.

They need to be voted out because they are moss backed and have forgotten where they came from.

They need to be voted out because they have been up there too long living off the American people.


Vote them out in 2012, no matter who it is, vote them out.

breast implant cancer

Breast Implant Cancer

Can we believe the news?

In a recent news story the topic of ALCL or Anaplastic large cell lymphoma a Cancer that can develop allegedly in relation to the use of medical implants or breast implants.

For years many doctors and websites have allegedly distorted the truth that implants may not be as safe as many people think they are.

Visit this website for more information on the subject.

They seem to have taken to the idea that spin is in, as in they stress certain words in an article while downplaying other words that perhaps may be of more importance.

For example they have no evidence to support their assertions that implants do not cause health problems, yet, the truth would seem to point to the opposite of what they claim is true.

It is also significant that most of what they state is very subjective and requires no proof on their part.

The whole truth may take years to come out, however, it is important to get to the heart of the matter by getting an evaluation, if you are someone you love is ill and you believe they could be at risk for this cancer please do all you can to get them some help, many of these alleged victims are so ill that they cannot make sound decisions nor would any patient with several illnesses be expected to be able to follow through on treatment, that is why they need help.

Again for more information and for other issues effecting women health please visit breast implant dangers.

Aarp aclu

Hillary Clinton, Extreme, statements?

In a recent news story on Fox news, a Video clip was played where Hillary Clinton compared the tragic events in Arizona as if they were the actions of an Extremist.

The problem is that according to all the information that we know, this is not an honest representation of the events that took place.

When intelligent people make mistakes like this it leaves a mark on us all, the sad events that took place were a result of a mental illness that went untreated.

This was not an extremist, nor was it proper to compare problems on foreign policy in this way.

At least Bill is smart enough to know this and would not have allegedly made this kind of terrible mistake, it is embarrassing to watch this kind of thing on TV.

Yet, for some reason they think its ok, to do this, people it is not ok, to allegedly lie to millions of people all over the world, if you are do this what would you do if you were ever to become president, I think this speaks to the main reason why we need a reasonable personality in the white house.

We need someone that can lead this nation not descend into partisan politics at every opportunity.

It is a serious concern when you see this kind of dishonest, political trickery, is something that we do not need in our government.

It is the very reason why we need calm personalities in office not this partisan distorted views that cause more harm than good, (allegedly)

We hope to see better examples of working together soon, because this is not the way to lead.

liberal republicians republician pretenders vote out liberals


In recent news, we find that the GOP, is backing a man who is alleged to be a liberal in sheep’s clothing.

We have to ask why is this?


Republican In Name Only

If you are sick and tired of these so called RINO, Politicians who allegedly Lie through their teeth every change they get then vote against the base of the party, then it is time to vote those stinking, (allegedly) cowards out of office.

You know it is time to vote these pretenders out of office they shamefully engage in lies and deceit and they think it is OK.


HIV Gel media hype or is it something else?

In a recent news story, there is some report that a developing product which is an anti hiv gel can cut infection rates by 30 to 50 percent.

Now at first glance that may seem like welcome news, but in reality how effective is this, I mean if you look at the idea then it is sort of like contraception, only no where near as effective, on top of that there are no scientific studies that support this method which leaves many people with a puzzled look on their faces, wondering how does this really help?

Many people think it really does not help much at all…

In one other video the presentation that “Men” were the cause of all the problems, seems to be well just plain Stupid, after all this time and after all the education efforts that have been made to educate the public about HIV and we have Bobble headed blonds on National TV, spouting off about how Women, were the victims and it was all the mans fault, because they went to bad places, and did bad things, It was sort of insulting to medical professionals and laymen alike, pardon the pun, but there are multiple vectors in involved and it has been that was for more than 20 years, yet on CBS they have a video that pits men against women.

This gel may or may not be effective, and it could actually be dangerous, imagine someone that was using this then later became infected, what happens then?

Well they are more likely to have a virus that is already resistant, to the virus, this is bad, very bad, and if know someone that is thinking about using this, dont use this stuff, until real science can do some research to see if this stuff is safe, I personally believe this is a very poorly thought out idea and should never be offered in the US.

This is one of the worst ideas that I have ever seen it flys in the face of conventional science, and it is likely to kill far more people than it ever protects.