Hurricane Sandy will it help drain the swamp?

There is a growing concern that Hurricane Sandy may not be as serious as many in the media have attempted to
depict it in news reports. You might think that the end of the world is near, but in reality a seriously damaging hurricane has not hit that area in many many years.

You have to wonder about some of these media people because there was actually some people talking about postponing the election you know “because of the storm and all the damage”  But wait, there has not been any damage yet?  Are these cretins so blinded by stupidity that they are unable to see just how desperate they appear to be?

The real truth here is that while this storm my in fact cause some damage the snow and the predictions that were made over the weekend at least at this time appear to have been a mistake or a product of a producer that has not had enough sleep.

Do you wonder about what you see on TV, is it real, or is it faked?

Often you may think that what your watching on TV is actually live footage or perhaps it may even look like its real but what if they are showing you video that was taken a few years ago during a different storm?

Would that be right?

No, but its possible that many of the media have in fact done stupid things in the past as well as now.





Real or made up?

Question of the day, are stings real or are they fabricated?

Was the danger ever real?

If you entice a man to do something that he would not ordinarily do what have you done?

Think about that for a moment, if you have say a taco salesman and you offer him a cut rate price on some meat for his taco stand and you say, “by the way, this meat may be dangerous” (but in reality) there is no meat and you are only tempting the guy to do something that he would not normally do…

So in this case, where you say that the meat may make a few people sick but not everyone, and then you arrest the guy because he “Agreed” to buy the meat, does that mean that you actually stopped anything from happening at all?

Did you stop anyone from getting sick?

I think that the answer to that has to be no.

I believe that these things are a waste of time money and energy.

When you consider the real truth, you have to consider the possibility that there may be real plots that have not been discovered because we wasted our manpower and our money on worthless stupidity instead of finding real issues that could result in real problems for this nation.

To do anything less is cowardice and a shame on this nation any man who cannot do his duty should resign, this includes the man whom is responsible for this charade, of a justice department, if he would go ahead and resign and a real man is put into his place that actually would do his duty, by the time the election comes around the press would be done with this story, but by prolonging this mans resignation it becomes more of a problem.

That itself is a problem, when you have a man unwilling or unable to do his duty then you have a man who is a disgrace to his country.


Political Bias

Did Wolf Blitzer try to inject bias into some of the questions on last nights republican tea party debate?

Are Americans tired of the constant coverage of all kinds of  stupid topics?

Every day you see political bias in the news, sometimes, it is directed at one party or another, but almost always it is not fair, nor is it balanced.

Fox news seems to think that they have this idea of what fair and balanced really is, but is that true and more importantly are they being influenced by bias on behalf of data they “think” represents America?  Are they more interested in what the Advertisers have to say or are they more interested in the peoples view?

In a news story by the new york times, (used to be a better publication allegedly) a writer talks about political extortion, which is well a lie, since the real truth tends to support that the party of no here has been the democrats, while Harry Reid has not allow a vote on legislation that would actually help balance the budget, the democrats have said no.

Mitch McConnell said hey why not have a vote on both measures, the Harry Reid, measure, (which is allegedly unconstitutional) since all spending bills shall originate in the house, but hey OK that has not stopped the democrats from doing what ever they can no matter if it is legal or not.  Go figure.  Still we have all this political bias in the news media, now that is something that is really interesting, when you study history, and read what was written back in the middle 1800s, you can see a pattern developing here and it is not a pretty picture.

So what can we expect from our dearly elected leaders?

Apparently not much as they continue to blame each other, and the news media continues to blame one party when obviously both parties, are at fault, and not just for this last three years, but for the last 70 years.  There has been a growing issue that is causing some serious problems and we need to take some action and get this done right, not some half baked ignorant super congress, (no Gangs are mentioned anywhere in the constitution) Gangs are not constitutional.

Get it right Washington or the election in 2012 will prove to be unsettling for many of you moss back hypocrites, that have been up there far too long.


the chartering class?

So Chuckie how is that Pork working out for the Class, this is what is wrong With America.

A few months ago we had Chuck Schumer, talking about how the American people really dont care about pork…
Was this really true or was Chuck just being his usual sarcastic self, (allegedly)

So, what is the real truth, are the democrats really so dismissive of the American Public? Are the Democrats, really this mean?