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Truth about Georgia

The truth about the Georgia Election!

There can be no doubt that huge issues are outstanding in the Georgia Election results.

It is seriously concerning that we have public officials in the State of Georgia who are denying calls for a forensic analysis of the ballots.

They are refusing to look at the problem and instead just spouting inane denials that make no sense.

First they said, ” There is no fraud ”

Then they said, “There is not enough Fraud”

Then they said we have recounted the same fraudulent Ballots three times!

Oddly all of these Statements made by officials of the State of Georgia were first heard on CNN!

Think about that for a moment!

WE have officials in the State of Georgia that are making statements that were first made on CNN!

How can any honest public servant make a statement that allegedly they heard on CNN?

Wow! That is just difficult to imagine!

But that is what has happened!

These are the reasons why they are refusing to look at the ballots!

The Truth here is obvious and it is serious!

There must be an accounting of this election as well as the conduct of public officials in the State of Georgia.

Failure to look at those ballots will create a constitutional crisis that must be adjudicated fairly outside of the political influence of the democrat party in Georgia Elections.

The People of Georgia must stand up and let their representatives know that they will not stand idly by as crooks in office lie to the people while denying the truth about the elections in Georgia.

The dead have voted in this election and nothing is done about it!

invalid votes allegedly were cast by people who forged credentials!

Fake Ballots!

Unfolded Ballots!

Out of State Voters!

Underage Voters!

All of these things show clear evidence of fraud but state officials deny the truth and the voters of Georgia are lied to over and over again!

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Georgia Corruption?

Is the State of Georgia Corrupt?

Right now a huge legal battle is going on and the Media are not covering anything.

But this is a nation of People!

Take a few minutes to see this video because it is very revealing and it could possibly reveal criminal and civil wrong doing in the Government of the State of Georgia.

Is the Devil down in Georgia or has he been there all along?

There are serious problems in this election and the result is not what the media are trying to create by saying that nothing is going on!

The truth here is something that is very clear!

Someone Better Investigate Soon!

The truth about what is happening in Georgia…

When you begin to see the truth here you have to begin to understand that what we are facing as a nation of People, We the People must have relief.

We must shine the light of truth on this corruption even though it may be ugly and full of depravity by
omission from the Media.

The truth here is so clear that there is no way to even begin to deny it.

It is time to put aside politics and begin to seek the truth no matter where it leads.

Without the truth this nation faces a very real threat from people who are not real Americans. They have placed the liberty of all Americans at risk and the people cannot allow that to happen.

The Media are blocking the news from getting out but it is beginning to crumble under the pressure of the public.

Call your Senators, your congress leaders, If you saw something come forward and stand with the millions of Americans who have been effected by this dastardly plan of corruption!

In a breaking news story it was revealed that the Sec of State of Georgia was in the process of allegedly wiping and or updating software on the voting machines in order to allegedly start doing a recount of the recount of the recount of the alleged election fraud which may have taken place in the state of Georgia.

The real problem here is the idea that the state of Georgia is going to use the same voting machines that were suspected of creating serious bias in the alleged unlawful counting of mail in ballots without following Georgia Election Laws.

To date there has not been a meaningful count of the election result in the State of Georgia.


No way you say?

Well, Georgia Law is clear.

Absentee ballots, must be handled the same way as all other ballots in addition they must be inspected and documented as to the time and date of receiving the ballot. Additionally there are a number of other checks and balances that are required to occur with regard to reduce the opportunity of fraud.

Reports indicate that none of these things happened with regard to Ballots allegedly received by mail in the 2020 Presidential Election.

What this means is that the state of Georgia has not followed its own laws when counting Mail in Ballots.

Yet, they claim that there is nothing wrong?

They want to continue to use these suspect voting machines to do a recount of the recount, while still not abiding by the Georgia State Laws governing Ballot submission?


That is just really getting to the point of complete insanity!

It may be time for the people of the State of Georgia to look at Recalling the Governor and removal from office the Sec of The State of Georgia.

Because it is beginning to look like they are not going to fulfill their oaths of office in this very important election as well as the upcoming runoff election.

We have seen almost no news coverage from the Media!

It is time that the People receive the relief that they must have in this election process to force the allegedly corrupt political officials to do their duty to the people of Georgia and follow the laws of Georgia as written by the legislature.

But so far we hear nothing from the Gov of Georgia!

The Silence is Deafening!