sick of 24 hour news coverage

Are you tired of the constant news coverage, that you just turn them off?

After 72 hours of news coverage you would think that they might have had the opportunity to cover every aspect of this news story however, they just keep on and on and on.

The thing is how long will advertisers continue to pay when no one is watching the news any longer.

When people get tired of seeing the same thing in the news hour after hour, will they not just turn it off and watch something else? If that is the case then why are they not producing better news, are companies like fox news becoming more like a tabloid, allegedly exploiting the misery and suffering of the human condition regardless of how many people it hurts?

We noticed this trend some time ago and thought what a horrible thing to do to your audience, I mean I usually watch a good deal of news coverage, but when these people go on and on and on you have to wonder is this damaging to the young people watching this stuff go on and on and on without even the normal programming that usually comes on TV.

They started this 24 hour news thing some time ago, however, it may be time to move on, I know that I am just not watching that garbage, I would rather get my news online because at least I have control over what I watch, I do not have to sit there and consume the nasty garbage and political garbage, unless I want to, so a word to all you 24 hour a day depressing garbage mongers, your not helping your self by doing this your hurting yourself.

Sick and tired of the constant hate spewing media, just turn them off, refuse to buy products that advertise on these shows and see how long they stay in business.

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Fox news may not be so fair and ballanced?

Is Fox news really Fair?

Are they really Balanced, because often it looks more like entertainment than it does news.

Could the liberals be right about Fox not being a “real” news company?

or are they loosing touch with their viewers?

You see a lot of this negative talk, allegedly…

It really seems like fox seems to be moving more toward a more left of center approach, it seems strange.

Have you noticed that Fox over the last few months have been hiring talent away from other networks and that the prevailing viewpoint seems to be moving away from the fair and balanced moniker that earned the network a lions share in revenue and ratings.

However, it appears again allegedly that they may be shifting to the left, this would be a mistake, in fact it would probably mean the end of them as a broadcaster.

The idea that Fox news is really some fair and Ballanced, news media alternative, is just not as attractive as it once was, same thing with the WSJ, the circulation took off when they bought it but now it seems to be moving in the other direction, when with the liberal media figure out that you can drag a horse to water but you cant make them drink the koolaide, This alleged trend is disturbing and it sort of makes you wonder if perhaps it would be better to just get your news online, you never know you might actually get a dose of the truth for a change, one thing for sure, Fox news, could become the same old alleged, unbalanced and Biased news if they do not pay attention.

We are just Saying…

Also another issue is concerning Glenn Beck, and the refusal of Fox news to cover the event, that is very disturbing, you know it sort of just makes you want to turn the channel off and do something else, let the talking heads do what ever they want when they “Finally” realize that no one is watching them perhaps they will wise up, but sadly they probably will be just like all the other Biased media, Corrupt, unbalanced and UN hinged.