Was shooter Muslim?

In a horrible news story that is still allegedly being “Blacked Out” by news media it is becoming more likely that the shooter was allegedly a Muslim.

Even now the media cannot seem to admit what appears to be bias and foolish narration.

So what is going on in the press when they can quickly publish photos of other shooters along with images of obvious references to the Rebel Flag?

They can saturate the news with false information about other shootings then never apologize for lying to the American People.

But suddenly that all changed when it appears that the shooter may have allegedly been a muslim?

┬áTake this video as an example of just how ignorant the media is…

What is even worse here is the very real fact that many people who are seeing this video for the first time were previously unaware of this news story simply because the press did not really cover it.


America will it stand?

There seems to be a fundamental problem in understanding recently with regard to some really serious problems which is being ignored by the Media including the Vaunted, “Fair and Balanced” Fox news.

It just seems to be such a strange world that we live in where there are almost no news sources that you can trust.

In a world where the President of the United States can make a special “appeal” for a small (less than 50 member) church in the State of Florida, Now this is something that really worries, many people because it sends a message that its ok for people to burn the flag and burn anything else they wish to burn.

But not in this case?

Burning any kind of book is really not a good thing, look at what the Nazis, did, it is a problem.

However, what really seems to be the issue here is the readiness of some to defend tolerance, yet deny Families of US soldiers, the peace and “Tolerance” of being able to lay their loved ones to rest in peace.

Enter the Pretend “Baptist” church, I say pretend because they do not represent the Baptist faith nor its organization in any way, yet the media proclaims them to be a “Baptist” church and has never bothered
to correct it.

We see this over and over again, last year in so many different stories.

  • Banned Christmas trees, (where is the Tolerance)
  • In public prayers, (where is the tolerance)
  • In letting our children learn about our religious history, (where is the tolerance)
  • In allowing alleged, Left representing organizations such as the ACLU to sue people into submission about
    praying at a school event. (where is the tolerance)
  • In praying at sports events, for the safety of our children, (where is the tolerance)
  • In the Ten commandments, being posted in a court room. (where is the tolerance)

It seems that tolerance is everywhere these days as long as it is concerning Muslim’s but not Christians.

(where is the tolerance)