Ban the internet?

Do you want your children to have the same opportunity as you did when you were growing up?

Then listen up.

If you value your freedom, then you had better speak up otherwise soon you might find you no longer have the right to free speech, The Senate is considering a bill that is just plain wrong.

You might soon no longer be able to watch video on youtube because of this bill.

The problem with this law is that, it would result in censorship without the right to due process as it allows the DOJ and copyright holders to obtain court orders before accused sites have had a chance to defend themselves in court. Sites could be seized and services suspended simply based on the one-sided arguments proffered by the DOJ or copyright holders.

The world’s largest lobbying organization, the US Chamber of Commerce…

is supporting this and it is wrong.

along with the biggest lobbyists

representing the recording and movie industry, have ramped up their efforts to get PROTECT IP approved as quickly as possible.

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But now the good news: Why is the Chamber having to go to such great lengths to ram their bill through Congress?  It’s because of Demand Progress members like you.  More from Techdirt:

This is the first stage of the endgame to get the law passed.  To be honest, I’m surprised they’ve even had to go this far, because from the beginning it looked like they had the easy support.  The fact that they felt the need to break out this little stunt shows that the opposition to PROTECT IP has actually drummed up enough noise that some politicians are concerned about the very real unintended consequences of the law.

Will you support our work by becoming a monthly Demand Progress sustainer?

Yes! I’ll become a Demand Progress sustainer today.
I can’t, but I’ll click here to chip in $5 or $10 today so you can keep fighting the Internet Blacklist Bill and protecting civil liberties.
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Will you some day soon find that your child may be charged with a felony for watching a video on

That could happen if we do not call our senators and congressman on this issue, it is a horrible bill and you should really have a long look at the senators that have sponsored this madness and insanity.

Should Senators be doing this kind of thing or should Americans who have experience with the "right" kind of legal experience. 

When you do not "think" about a law unintended consequences can be a huge issue, so in reality, why do we have these ignorant bills that perhaps are written by allegedly, "special interests"

Who wrote this bill?

The music industry?

The movie industry?

The video below this text would be a crime under this new proposed law, freedom of Speech might be taken away…

Is this what we need to be concerned with in our nation or do we have other problems?

It would seem that America has more serious problems, than to try to do an end run around the constitution allegedly using senators that perhaps might need to be voted out of office. 

The Death of common sense, when will these so called representatives of the American people wake up?

We cannot allow this kind of poorly written bill to become law.

This video might be a crime if this law were passed in its present wording.

casee anthony Casey Anthony

The Casey defense

Eventually you know that they are going to start talking about this girl being allegedly crazy, I mean you see her, bop in the court room and everybody just allegedly hates the girl, from the media to probably everyone on the jury as well as the judge, you watch the judge rule on every objection that is made by the defense, over and over and over and over and over, again and again and again, so what is up with that?

When will the crazy defense begin to be a part of this case?


machete racist?

Is the movie Machete a Racist, depiction of the white race?

What do you think of an industry that attempts to allegedly start a race riot?

Does Hollywood think that we the people are stupid?

You have to wonder what they were thinking, do they want to influence the behavior of our national border problem?

Sure it is only a movie but in all reality, there are people out there that do not see movies as just entertainment, they see movies as an extension of someone else’s reality. This is bad news for the movie industry, yet another alleged, bad mark on many actors score cards.

What were they thinking? Who knows for sure…

This film is an insult to “Real” Americans.

Why do they do this kind of stuff, because they can does not mean they should.