Monkey see monkey do…

Over the last week you cannot have managed to ignore what the news media has  been selling more anti gun news stories.

The thing is you hear nothing about all the illegal fire arm use by criminals all over the US.


the truth about most of the media is that they ignore the truth and perpetrate a lie…

They would rather talk about one gun violence case when it suits them but they ignore it when it does not fit into their little warped minds.

The only way to stop this abuse by the media and how ignorant they tend to be about the truth is to stop buying products you see advertised…

Just say no…



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san bruno CA

Devastation after an explosion, that some have reported smelling gas prior to the explosion, now there was a huge am0unt of damage.

No one knows for sure yet, and it may never be known for sure but if this was preventable and that is something that is subjective at best and at worst determinative.

So as the law suits begin to fly it will be months before anyone knows the real cause of this terrible event.

Troubles with the economy, at fault?

With all the troubles in California concerning the cost of running the state it may be a trickle down effect to the utilities, is this a an alleged case of monkey see monkey do?  That also remains unclear however it is very concerning, when you start to hear about cities that are turning off street lights and then allegedly you start to see the crime rates rise and rise.

This really does not make any sense, because if you add up the increased cost of the added alleged, crime the cost of the street lamps was just a drop in the bucket.

So why are these people making such poor decisions, because you have to ask questions like this as it is just not smart to cut the street lamps when you really need it for the security of the people.

Finally, was it this type of attitude that may have allegedly led up to the disaster in san bruno CA?

If it was some people need to be fired.