Health care repeal.

A lot was accomplished in the mid term elections and politically things are beginning to heat up.

Candidates are beginning to move into position to begin the long hard drive to win a nomination.

This is sure to be an amazing and historic event, there are many indications that politically Washington may have moved so far to the left in the first two years that they may find it difficult if not impossible to get far enough back right to make a change in the voting population.

It was evident in the speech when we were accidentally, (allegedly) some say to America having a sputnik moment, which could be termed revisionist at best and just a terrible idea as worst, ( I mean what were they thinking ) Still hopefully they will keep on doing the things they have been doing, refusing to listen to the American people.

Not caring if they are so out of touch with America that they can no longer hold even a conversation with a voter.

That would be fine, because in that event, they will not win a second term.

However, if they realize just how far they moved away from the will of the Average American, and too far to the Left of the Socialist propaganda, then it could be close.

There is really only two things that will get the democrats back into office for a second term and it is very doubtful they will recognize how to do this.

1.  Reduce all Capitol Gains Taxes by 50%  for one year, (then for new business allow a tax credit for new hired employees, in the second year)

2. Cut spending on all non essential programs, by 35 percent, (then reduce the amount of all foreign aid by 50 percent)

If they ever realize that if they did this, the economy would rebound and the dollar would gain in value, the unemployment rate would drop to 8.5 in just a few months, in those circumstances, it would be almost impossible to stop a second term.

The funny thing is that even if they knew this they would not do it, simply because they are so proud of their own intellect, that they would not do what is best for the United States, even though that is what they promised to do when they swore an oath of office.

They think they are so smart that they do not have to abide by the same rules of the economy that we have enjoyed for more than 200 years, yet, it is right in front of them, history has demonstrated over and over again, that this would work, and while it may be difficult on some people, perhaps a lot of people, a second term of the same thing as the first, would be the end of America as we know it, it would be the end of the constitution as we know it.

So here is to hoping that they do not wake up and realize that they have it in their hands to win the election, if only they could over come their pride.

Pride is a difficult thing to swallow, and allegedly it is impossible for this administration to do at all.

So, were waiting for 2012 because the next wave of cowards and liars will be voted out of office.


cease and desist

Will they cease from this deliberate behavior of
spending and special interest legislation.

Will they celebrate the demise of a once great nation or will the people of this nation vote them out in 2012?

For some reason congress would seem to have a belief that we are stupid individuals with the continuation of this massive spending, which allegedly benefits special interests, they continue to pass things that are not popular nor practical.

They continue to engage in activities that are prohibited by the constitution.

It is time for the people to step forward and to make their will be known we voted and the will is known but apparently congress does not care, perhaps it is time for legal action by the people against those in office that refuse to comply with the wishes of the people.

Is it time for the people to file lawsuits to stop congress from trying to push though dangerous bills like disarming, our country?

I mean if anyone really thinks that any treaty will actually result in a disarmament, of europes defences please call me I have some swamp land in Florida I would love to sell you, its a great deal really some day, you might even be able to build a house on it.


This mid term election, the People of these United States of America spoke loud and clear, it was not hard to understand, in more than 500 hundred races nationwide the republican seat prevailed, this is a message that the liberals have chosen to ignore.

Now they are attempting to put over on the American people, they want to tell you what you can or cannot do they failed.

They failed yet they still want to control the budget for the next year, that is not what the American people voted for in the mid term elections.

It may be time to file a lawsuit, to cease and desist, in this attempt to subvert the congress in advance of the will of the American people.