Memorial Day, Remembering those who have given all…

If you are enjoying a meal today, you owe it to men who sacrificed so that you could have the freedom to buy food…

For many Americans today is a day that will be celebrated by cooking out, perhaps having family fun or even enjoying the company of friends.

It means that for some of us what happened between last year and this years celebration of Memorial day will be a sad occasion for some of the families today.  Some of them have sacrificed everything so that you and I might be free to cook out and to enjoy the day with family and friends.

 [kc_heading_pac_16_pre_headline_11 size=”30″ color=”#d50000″ ]They Gave All..[/kc_heading_pac_16_pre_headline_11]

If you are enjoying a paid holiday today you owe a service man or woman that sacrificed so that you could be free to pursue employment and have the money to be able to do what ever you wan to do…

 Make sure you remember that if not for the blood of service men and women who gave everything they had we would not be free today.

No chicken wings, no steaks, no beer…

The truth about freedom is that without these special people who are willing to do what ever it takes to insure our freedom, we would be lost.

For many Americans this is just a day off, they many times do not realize what this is about at all, its no wonder why mostly because one day a year is not enough time to properly tank our military families for what they have done, for what they did and for what they continue to do every day…



Gay Scouts of America?


 What Rights do you have?  

Will we give up everything, for nothing?

 As many of you will already know there is a non story that has been pushed by the National Media…

It concerns the long standing policy and moral courage of an organization that fosters the family values of America. 

This organization has produced more successful men than any other organization in its class. 

The Boy Scouts teach many different skills, it offers at a time in the development of young men the opportunity to learn more skills take responsibility and become better citizens in a world where there are seldom as many men of conscious. 

The question from the pontificating media appears to be that the Boy Scouts of America, are somehow discriminating against, Gays by its stand that young boys should not be exposed to the tenets of homosexual behavior nor should openly gay young men and woman be allowed membership. 

The one central thing here is simple and easy to understand. 

If Homosexual men or young adults want to be a part of an organization of young boys, they need to form their own organization, let them organize and incorporate, let them have their own membership, if they want that no one is standing in their way. 

But that is not what they want, they want to destroy a great organization that has been at the heart of what it means to be an American with moral values, yet somehow the media seem to think that a Gay or Homosexual somehow has more rights than the millions of non gay and non homosexual men women and young adults that are members of the Boy Scouts of America. 

This is just something that is hard to understand and difficult to manage. 

Should one group be allowed to destroy another under the guise of what equality?

There is no equality here, there is no discrimination here, would you allow a criminal to hang out on the school playground?  

No, you would not, and its not for the reason you may think. 

The former Criminal may indeed not be a threat to anyone, but most adults would not want a murder around their children. 

It is not because they think that the murder will do horrible things, its because there is a chance that something bad could happen. 

Its about what might happen not what will happen. 

I know its easy to understand but for the media they just do not get it at all they think that we should bow down before them and do what ever they say but that is not America. 

That is evil, If homosexuals want to form their own group of Gay or Lesbian members they are free to do so and no one would stop them, they could get all the help they want and no one would stand in their way. 

But, they do not have the right to force other people to regard their behavior or to be exposed to their choice of lifestyles. 





The Priority of the People

Priority is a thing that must be developed and understood, in order to lead men must find the greater cause in life, beyond the petty bickering and name calling, the press conferences where men tell lies and pretend they are right when in reality they are wrong because they have the wrong priority.

The only priority is the people it has always been this way for men of good conscious must stand up as those that came before us else we risk the sacrifice of millions of Americans that gave their lives to protect the freedom we now enjoy, the freedom to engage in petty politics instead of attending to the needs of suffering Men Women and Children, who deserve the full attention of those that have sworn an oath to protect and to serve the will of the people.

When men ignore that high calling in favor of the views of the minority then the result is to create oppression, it is the ignorance of small minds that creates this mentality. When you see a man suffering would you not give him food and water, would you not find a child that needs comforting and help those that cannot help themselves, it is the people whom men of great office serve not their own agenda.

This is what it means to be an elected official, the words of office are not meaningless yet it appears that our own political system cannot put aside the agenda of the mindless in favor of the welfare of the people, we must find a way to put aside our differences or we risk the ending of our way of life, and it would appear that some would find this to be a desirable outcome one that they have been actively involved in trying to make happen, however what they have failed to understand is that causing the agenda of the minority to over ride the needs of the people will destroy any hope of humanity.

We cannot ignore the people in favor of one rule of thought over the will and the needs of the people, that would be foolish yet that is what is happening, this is why we must take our words of office as seriously as the day we took that oath, if the oath of office means nothing to you then you must for the good of the people resign and step down from your office so that other men who have the best interest of the people can step forward and lead the way that good men of the past have always led.

We may not always agree, We may not always understand what drives the agenda of opposition however we must never loose sight of the will of the people, we can no longer allow an Agenda to be the driving purpose, of politics. It is time to stand up for what our fathers and grandfathers sacrificed in order that our Nation might become free, that we might be free to pursue an agenda, but now is not the time for agenda, it is the time for priority and the priority is the people.

We face obstacles, yet we will overcome them, we may face diversity yet we are one people, we may face the agenda of the mindless yet the people must come first. When good men refuse to do the right thing, we all loose.


Judge and Jury?

So what next, will this judge rule on if the entire nation should stop drinking cold drinks with too much sugar in them?

No, wait, I know perhaps she should decide if the constitution is really valid, yes that would make about as much sense as what this judge has taken upon herself to do.

When you consider this issue, you have to wonder, how a county judge could set about to put herself allegedly on the path to disbarment.

We have the constitution, it is not vague nor is it hard to understand, the very wise men and yes the women who stood behind those men drafted a very solid document, one that was born out of the frustration of men who were suppressed and treated as less than human.

When we follow the law, we expect the judges to do the same thing, otherwise we loose what little humanity we have.

When one judge over rules an entire state of representatives duly elected by the people it is wrong and it must be challenged.

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi issued the order, which was requested by that county’s District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, a Democrat.

This will not stand, it has no basis in law, there is no case law to support this judges decision, this judge should be disbarred, if this were the medical profession this would be malpractice. When a woman or a man sits and decides to subvert the constitution in this way, they have become a tyrant and no longer are they a valid legal entity.