Rolling Stone Too Stoned for its own good?

What is going on inside this magazine, we have the Rolling Stone allegedly about to do something that is very dangerous, what is going on when a magazine creates a cover like this one…

According to a page on Linked in

Wenner Media, LLC, a privately held company headquartered in New York City, publishes Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men’s Journal magazines.

So were curious is it now Rolling Stoned?

Allegedly the Second Highest Mass Murders and Maiming of Americans…

Is this really what you would want on the cover of your magazine?

How sick and twisted is this company and who are they anyway…

So what is going on in America when a magazine does something like this in an effort to make money?

How allegedly sick and depraved is this, Were not sure where this falls but one thing for sure were never going to ever patronize this magazine or any of its other publications.

such as, listed above, Us Weekly and Men’s Journal magazines.

Just Refuse to buy it vote with your wallet.

Vote by using your voice,, and


Time magazine shreds constituion?

This is hard to understand, because Time magazine is not really that popular, allegedly, and yet, they seem to have this sort of death wish in terms of its circulation.

here are just a few of the headlines at when you begin to look at what they are saying you have to wonder what is wrong with these people, and what will it take to help them understand that they do not speak for America.

U.S. Conspiracy Against Them

One Document, Under Siege

How ignorant can you get, I supose we will find out in the future, the thing is this, when good men do nothign to stop the fools of this world, allegedly time being one of them, we run the risk of becomeing as ignorant and foolish as they are.

So when you look at the entire story you have to wonder just where does time make its money because I just do not see them selling many magazines.

Not with those allegedly anti american titles.

Imagine that shredding the constituion, what ignorant fools they are.