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White House Spin…

In a world where we see so many terrible things on the news and images that suggest that as a society and as a world we are moving ever closer to the edge of the abyss.

Head in the sand is not the osterage we need…

Do we really need a white house that cannot address the truth about the world we live in?  As a whole Humans are a little crazy…

We must not hide our heads in the sand and ignore everything that is happening in the world when we face certain disaster if we do not speak the truth and live the truth. 

Do you ever feel like the whole world is going crazy and the White house just cannot tell the truth or use the english language for anything other than a Hat rack?


Liars in Washington

It is hard to imagine why Americans all over the United States are subject to laws.

Yet, in Washington they can lie all day long and it just seems to go no where.


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Constitutional Freedom of the press

What is happening in Washington.

Can congress do anything at all?