Democrats founded the KKK

Is this the truth?

How can this be true?

How can this be true, I mean the media would have you believe that it is the republicans that did the bad things, but as we can see now it was not true, the democrats are liars, according to this video.


supreme court ruling

Risky Behavior?

Did the supreme court just condemn the west boro alleged, hate group, (not really a church at all)
to risk their lives?

In a surprise ruling 8-1 in favor of allowing alleged hate speech to continue at Military and other controversial funerals across the U.S.

It is an Amazing thing to see such cowardice in practice by our Supreme court while in the past they have easily ruled that killing Unborn Children in allegedly evil ways, is just fine but when some coward wants to spew hate at a Family that sacrificed everything for the very freedom to do what they are doing, it is just nothing short of insanity.

The thing here is this, when people who are suffering and are emotionally hurting as these families are, and our own court system refuses to help them, then what will they do?

In fact how long before someone takes the law into their own hands?

It is a scary thing to consider that anyone can now protest outside a man or a womans funeral for any reason they want.

That is sick and it is not free speech, but you know what, if that is your definition of freedom of speech then I do not want to hear another thing about anyone saying that a particular opinion or other, even if it is fox new, No sir I do not want to hear another person call for any news company to be silenced. Because if it is ok to do this at a funeral then there is nothing that anyone can do that is not considered free speech.

So what next do we start having KKK rallies now I mean, wait, that would be hate speech right?  Is there not a law against that?

You see why this ruling is so bad, our Highest Court is allegedly now Corrupt, because they now apparently and allegedly make rulings based on alleged political motivations.





Ground Zero Anger

Will this be the final straw that causes the liberals to loose the 2010 election?

So its OK, to advocate for one religion over another, but is it really constitutional, what about separation of church and state, should the president really be coming out supporting a religion?

If we have one man that will “reach out” to the rest of the world, then you need to send out other religious leaders to “reach” out too.

See this has no ending, it is not only wrong but it is against the constitution.

Many people have questioned the need to have religious organizations build churches near ground zero.

It is a problem, because where do you stop?

What is a religion?

What is good enough to be worthy of being allowed to build?

What religion? Baptist? Pentecostal? Catholic?

What about, Wicca?

Or perhaps devil worship?

Where does it stop and why are we allowing a president to participate in something like this when the government has no interest in this type of issue, more specifically what about separation of church and state?

Did the president violate the premise of separation of church and state?

You see by giving an opinion as president it could be viewed as a real mistake, one has to ask the question, where does it stop?

Will we allow the KKK to have a temple or what about having a temple temple, just where does it end?

It you think that just mentioning the KKK is offensive, then you should carefully consider why a Mosque should be allowed to build near ground zero, because it is not good.

That is the real question here, it is not about the religion but about all religion, if you allow Muslims to build you have to allow all others to build as well, otherwise you have created a disparity between what is and what should be.

It is disturbing to see this kind of thing happen.

How can we allow one to build and say that all others cannot build, that is disturbing.

We should not be participating in discussions as the leader of a nation, picking a religion and saying its ok for these guys but not for all other religions?

If its OK, for one it has to be ok for all of them otherwise you have just created a constitutional issue where none existed before and that is also wrong.

We need real leadership.

Not opinions but real valid leadership based on experience, in 2012 we need someone that will keep the promises they make.

If as men and woman in this nation we cannot keep our word, then we are humanity will never succeed in all the things we hope to accomplish.