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  • boehner is he really leading?

    You might wonder what the gentle giant of the house is up to and you would be right to be concerned. Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) pledged his support Wednesday for the House version of the $940 billion farm bill, roughly 80% of which will go to fund food stamps over the next ten years. What […]

  • Boehner betraying us all?

    Is this even possible how could the man that cries at the drop of a hat be this bad? It is amazing to see how this guy allegedly is so soft that he cannot do his job… NAGR staff is in the process of delivering more than 72,000 EMERGENCY Fax Petitions AGAINST gun control to […]

  • Time to say Good buy to the Speaker of the House

    So, what Exactly has the Speaker of the house accomplished? Was he able to prevent the designation of an unconstitutional “Super Committee” ? Was he able to broker any kind of meaningful legislation? No, allegedly he laid down at every available opportunity. So, what can we expect from him in this next term? [kc_heading_pac_17_headline_12 size=”60″ […]

  • Hope and Change?

    Just wondering is this the hope and the change that you voted for in 2008? It sort of seems lacking to me, I mean, what we heard, and what we god were two very different things. Change is something that we all want, which is why so many people voted for that hope and that […]

  • Media Bias

    The Media does not like the tea party, no surprise there as it has long been established that the media is not really that impartial in its reporting of the news, however it begs the question that should be something everyone is talking about, which is how can the media only present one side of […]

  • Betrayed by speaker John Boehner

    The rumor mill was in full force this morning when talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, broke news that John Boehner the speaker of the house would have a Special “deal” to pitch which would likely be a comprimise that would destroy the hopes of the republicians to regain the white house in 2012. It is […]

  • Debt crisis looms

    This was just received in an email it is amazing Washington is preparing to do next. Dear Patriot, Please find a special message from our paid sponsor, Independent Living. Sponsorships like this help us preserve liberty and freedom in the United States of America. We appreciate your support. Thank you, TheTeaParty.net Dear Fellow Taxpayer: Time […]