Fox news not real news?

Is fox news failing to meet the expectation of the consumer of hard news?

The idea that the 24 hour news cycle and its expected influence on voting habits of adult voters, is highly unlikely.

Today we noticed that during a fox news segment, that one of the bobble heads that do the news, either with a short short skirt, or a sort of strange grin on their faces, they try to make the news instead of reporting on it, it is really interesting to watch these people try to influence the tone and the treble of how the news is reported.

The topic they were trying to influence was that a certain candidate was polling higher than others.

What they failed to state was the source of the poll, the likely intent of the voter, the area where the voters were living, (ie voters who lived in a certain district in new york state) this is a problem when new personal present news that has allegedly been polluted by bias.

When you fail to provide a basis of hard news fact checking you produce substandard news, (if you can call it that at all)

So is fox news, really about the news or is it about what the bobble heads think the news should be about.

When you consider it, you have to think about how the reality of the news should be presented not the way you personally feel about the news but the way that the facts dictate.

Facts are real not opinions, the problem is that in many situations fox news allows the opinon of the reporter to color the news story.



sick of 24 hour news coverage

Are you tired of the constant news coverage, that you just turn them off?

After 72 hours of news coverage you would think that they might have had the opportunity to cover every aspect of this news story however, they just keep on and on and on.

The thing is how long will advertisers continue to pay when no one is watching the news any longer.

When people get tired of seeing the same thing in the news hour after hour, will they not just turn it off and watch something else? If that is the case then why are they not producing better news, are companies like fox news becoming more like a tabloid, allegedly exploiting the misery and suffering of the human condition regardless of how many people it hurts?

We noticed this trend some time ago and thought what a horrible thing to do to your audience, I mean I usually watch a good deal of news coverage, but when these people go on and on and on you have to wonder is this damaging to the young people watching this stuff go on and on and on without even the normal programming that usually comes on TV.

They started this 24 hour news thing some time ago, however, it may be time to move on, I know that I am just not watching that garbage, I would rather get my news online because at least I have control over what I watch, I do not have to sit there and consume the nasty garbage and political garbage, unless I want to, so a word to all you 24 hour a day depressing garbage mongers, your not helping your self by doing this your hurting yourself.

Sick and tired of the constant hate spewing media, just turn them off, refuse to buy products that advertise on these shows and see how long they stay in business.

common sense

News OCD 24 hour sick news

Should fox news be shut down?

Do News companies have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

With this 24 hour news cycle we apparently have to listen to the same old news story for hours on end as if it were the only news and as if no one has yet seen the news, repeating over and over again the same news.

I question this from a psychological viewpoint since once the news story has been reported at what point does a news story become obsessive and invasive, right now Fox news has been playing the 911 calls that were made at the height of the emergency. If you watch the news more than 4 hours in one day what are the chances that you might have to go to a psychiatrist, and get a prescription for depression.

Sounds insane right but what if there were some facts to back this up?

When does this become a sickness?

Do people really want to hear the dramatic and obvious suffering of other humans?

Is this what our news companies have been reduced to reporting?

In some cases you may begin to wonder when news coverage should end and compassion, respect for the dead and suffering families, should begin, when you begin to question the morals of a reporter’s compassion or lack thereof I expect it is high time for the news to change its tune.

If you are unaware of the tragedy that took place over 24 hours ago, you obviously are not in touch with the world around you nor are you concerned at all, so why keep on with the 24 hour news cycle in these cases?

A while ago a few people began to question the necessity of what we call news these days, in fact 20 years ago much of what is reported on the news would never have been aired. Yet, we continue to see this trash journalism, make the 24 hour news cycle over and over again.