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News OCD 24 hour sick news

Should fox news be shut down?

Do News companies have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

With this 24 hour news cycle we apparently have to listen to the same old news story for hours on end as if it were the only news and as if no one has yet seen the news, repeating over and over again the same news.

I question this from a psychological viewpoint since once the news story has been reported at what point does a news story become obsessive and invasive, right now Fox news has been playing the 911 calls that were made at the height of the emergency. If you watch the news more than 4 hours in one day what are the chances that you might have to go to a psychiatrist, and get a prescription for depression.

Sounds insane right but what if there were some facts to back this up?

When does this become a sickness?

Do people really want to hear the dramatic and obvious suffering of other humans?

Is this what our news companies have been reduced to reporting?

In some cases you may begin to wonder when news coverage should end and compassion, respect for the dead and suffering families, should begin, when you begin to question the morals of a reporter’s compassion or lack thereof I expect it is high time for the news to change its tune.

If you are unaware of the tragedy that took place over 24 hours ago, you obviously are not in touch with the world around you nor are you concerned at all, so why keep on with the 24 hour news cycle in these cases?

A while ago a few people began to question the necessity of what we call news these days, in fact 20 years ago much of what is reported on the news would never have been aired. Yet, we continue to see this trash journalism, make the 24 hour news cycle over and over again.

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Health care end of life decisions

The end of life, have we reached it? When will they start to decide when old is too old to live?

We have been warned, by people like Glenn beck, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, and others, they have all been vocal about the state of affairs, of this great nation.

In any other part of our land, that is America, if someone said they would show up for work on time, and said they would be transparent, and said that they would do the right thing for America, yet failed and failed, and failed, anyone else would be fired, let go, put on the street, yet, we put up with this kind of behavior? Why?

Vote them out, it is as simple as that, no longer can we afford to just vote as our father or grandfather did, because times have changed, we have to change with it, we can no longer afford to go into the voting booth with blinders on placed there by unions, or special interest groups, we have to vote for what is best for America.

How long will it take before, someone comes along and starts deciding who is worth saving and who should die?

Was Sarah Palin right?

Will they be sentencing old people to death, will your grandmother be next?

If you don’t believe it wait, it wont take long to get to you.

Are we facing the end of our life, will they have death panels, what if you are sick now and since the Senate and the American people had not say in who is not controlling their health care, should we be concerned? We see jobs being the number one issue in America right now, yet, Washington seems to be more interested in filing lawsuits that are politically motivated, and they will not pursue the new black panthers, when you have this kind of un even representation, in Washington, how long before they decide that old people should just report to the nearest gas chamber to be put out of their misery, what happens next for the elderly sick person.

This is a terrifying question, one that is just unbelievable in just two short years, we are faced, with what could be seen as treason in our own government.

Lies, and spin, and a press that will not report the truth but favors, (allegedly a lie over the facts)

What is going on when we have a government that is more interested in union activity and promoting union activities, than promoting real jobs for real americans.

We have to ask because it really seems like we have all been lied to, was joe really right?

What can we do about all this crazy stuff that is going on in Washington?

Vote them out.

Vote them out,

Vote them out,

Vote them out,

Vote them out.

It is the only thing that we can do and it is high time it was done, send them packing because it is time to take America back.

Amazing, stuff, is it not, it sounds like something you might read in a book or in a really bad horror movie, but it is real it is happening, and it is bad,