Racist Media? Liars in the Media

Without Advertisers the media would have no power at all…

without viewers the media would have to stand in the unemploymet line

Are we facing a media that has gone insane?

We saw with the George Zimmerman case that members of the media were guilty (allegedly) of editing the audio file of the 911 call to make it sound as if racism was a part of the call but it turned out that this was a lie…

Then later we saw where allegedly a member of the media edited video to make it appear that george zimmerman was not hurt as badly as it was at first reported, this was and is a serious problem really its bad, how would you like it if members of the media made up lies about you just to make a story sound good?

[kc_heading_pac_9_headline_sub_4 size=”50″ color=”#000000″ ]Media Liars Media fools..[/kc_heading_pac_9_headline_sub_4]

Think about this what if the media had intended to start a riot and then cover the burning homes and cars of people that were effected by the lies of the media?

Media lies the evil of ignoring the truth and how hot must hell be for those that create evil and allow others to enslave America?

When much of what you watch on TV is made up or a distortion of the truth…

We find that often situations like the recent one in Colorado can happen…

With so much sadness going on should we be looking at making an adjustment in the 24 hour format where the same news is presented for consumption over and over again could it be that we are programming people to create problems for our society?

Are we able to find our humanity?

What has happened to America is it too late to save this nation or has the media created a situation where racism is behavior that appears to be what the media allegedly would like to manipulate the public perception of crimes committed.

We can see by the George Zimmerman situation that a situation has occurred where the media were proved to have committed fraud in producing a news story that was false and which depicted lies as if it were factual.  

We now know that not only were photos doctored and audio files doctored but we saw many other issues with the way reporters used words and inflection in diction to display what was an obvious bias.

They made statements on TV which were later proved to be lies yet nothing was ever said or done publicly to protect the idea of fair and accurate reporting in the media what happened.

What can we do about an out of control media that can say or do anything and not be held accountable?

Think about this if you were to have done such a thing how long do you think it would take them to file criminal charges, think fraud, inciting riots, perhaps even federal charges would be filed, if you said something and did something like was done in this case, you would probably go to jail for up to 20 years.

Now I ask you why is the media allowed to lie, cheat, steal, commit fraud, incite riots and all manner of evil and face no recourse?

One answer to that question is that the media must be held accountable for criminal behavior they cannot be allowed to distort the truth using lies, if they will not do this on their own they must be punished.

We the people cannot allow the media to influence public thought by using altered facts and lies as well as fraud and subversion of our system of government, this behavior would not be tolerated by any one of us so we must not allow the media to get away with doing what would be a criminal matter for any one other than a person of the media which takes one particular point of view.

Is it improper it is wrong and it is not the American Way…



chris wallace

Chris Wallace Unfair and Un ballanced?

So the real question here is Fox news a real news company?

or are they just as biased and slanted as the other media groups that perhaps don’t make as much money as fox does?

This guy seems to favor the liberal view, but Fox loves to say how fair and ballanced that they are, but if Chris is not fair how can fox be fair?

Can we not do better than these liberals, can we not really be a reporter or is it beyond the intelligence and ability of people like this guy?

I have to wonder about Chris because it often seems like he talks down to people, at least that is the impression I am left with like he thinks we not smart enough to figure out that his comments are arrogant, and often biased.

Is Chris Wallace a fair man?

Is Fox news really Fair and Balanced?

Inquiring minds want to know because it looks like he is anything but fair, in fact it really looks like he is very biased in favor of one political candidate.

Why is it that Chris cannot stick to the regular fox news format?

Instead he seems bent, and some might say Hell bent, on pushing the liberal view point to the breaking point.

In a recent interview, and in fact several interviews, Chris has engaged in the liberal view point, several times, badgering the interviewee, it seems like the guy is just a liberal mouth peice, at least that is how it seems, it is fairly obvious when you look at the guy and the way he interviewed Palin, the guy just is a liberal, but should not he say that he is biased?

Because Fox news says they are fair and balanced, and Chris Wallace is anything but.
So often you see these old guys and you wonder if they are just biased or if they are intentionally dense.