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  • Health care calamity

    [kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”50″ color=”#59983a” ]Health Care Insanity…[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1] There is a storm coming it is about a problem that was created when the people and those in Washington failed to read a bill that came up for a vote, it was the Affordable Care Act, but the problem was it was a Trojan horse.  No one Read […]

  • immigration bill taking on water…

    Well we now have the age old protracted battle of will here and we also have an election coming up very soon… The commercials are already in play for 2014, so what to do about the immigration battle that looms in the house. Well we know that anything that comes out of the stinking senate, […]

  • supreme court ruling

    Supreme court opens Pandora’s box Is this the end of America as we once knew it…  No one would have believed that America would die in this way, perhaps they once thought that America might in Battle one day loose, but never would we have believed that we would become what has already failed in […]

  • Did AARP make a million dollar mistake?

    With the backing of the Health care bill did AARP make a huge miss judgement? many think so, and as some have suggested the old folks are mad as well you know what…   You just have to wonder what is up with all these people that are in charge of these companies, are they […]