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Bad reporting over Gifford shooting?

First they reported that the Arizona representative, had died, then they reported she was alive then they reported that she had died, later they reversed again and apologized for being stupid.

Then they falsely reported that that others had died, then they reported the opposite of that report.

  • They falsely reported that the suspect was a veteran.
  • They falsely reported that the suspect was previously in the military.
  • They falsely reported that the suspect had been in Afghanistan in the military.
  • They falsely reported that he had some association with the tea party.
  • They falsely reported other associations with the health care laws.
  • They falsely reported that he held some grudge with immigration laws.
    The truth is that the suspect was never in the Military.
    The truth is that the suspect was never in Afghanistan.
    The truth is that he had no health care issues, other than mental issues.
    The truth is that he is a sick boy who should have been in a mental facility.

The truth is that allegedly he is mentally ill just as the man who shot John Lennon was mentally ill.

The truth is that is no reason for what happened, no political reason at all.

The blame here is solely, to be placed upon the person who did this not any party not any political party.

The truth will come out, sadly and apparently, the media will not be the pathway to that truth.

The alleged truth is that on his alleged, You tube channel, he related that some of his favorite books were socialist in nature and even fascism as well as other social misfit ideological books commonly subscribed to by far far left zealots, so if the truth is what you want then have a close look at what this guy really is and that is a sick mentally individual.

This is a tragedy that could have been prevented had there been security at the event.

That is the sad truth.

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Huffington post allegedly smears Palin?

Why do they hate her?  Why cant they just get along?

There are words we have heard from the left for years and years, ” Why cant we all just get along”

Well what happened to that, because it appears that left if all about why cant we just kill anyone that opposes us?

What has she done to them personally that they feel the need to attack her so fiercely.

In a recent series of posts, it appears that the huff buff, is all in a tizzy about Sarah Palin, for some reason they feel threatened.

But in all reality, Sarah has never done anything to them, yet, they seem to be foaming at the mouth, again allegedly.

After looking a post where the dubious author seems to bear a grudge against Sarah, allegedly, it looks like just pure hate speech.

So in reality and this is a big one folks, is the huffing-ton puff puff I will blow your house down alleged threats, hate speech?

After so many years, of people trying to get hate as a criminal offense, it may well back fire on them…

A lot of people have to ask the question is the huff buff, really a legitimate source of news in a world where they may actually attempt to silence anyone that does not agree with their point of view.

Just go in there sometime and disagree with them and see how fast they turn on you.

I think it is allegedly silly, but then who really cares what they do, the more they talk about Sarah Palin the more popular she gets, you know if the media could just shut up about her, she would not be anywhere near as popular as she is, but they allegedly cant seem to stop them selves from telling alleged, lies.

Any way you stack it any way you slice it the more they talk about her the more popular she gets.

So keep on keeping on…

If you do you will be the main reason she gets elected.

Help elect Sarah Palin,