Karl Rove has been?

Does Karl have a problem with Rick Perry, because it sure looks like he does…

More media mania?

Why is Karl so against Rick Perry, is there some bias there that no one really understands but karl and if it is a personal thing then why push that out on national TV, does he think that he is the only one with a big brain?

Is Karl Rove really the smartest guy in the world, as the media seems to try to project about his opinions, or is he a relic of the past? The thing here is this if Karl Rove was and is so smart, why is he not running for president?

Is Karl a has been and a want to be?

It may be interesting to see what happens, Karl Rove seems to not like comments that Governor Rick Perry, saying that printing more money should be a criminal offense, and

you know what, I suspect that he is correct.  Rick Perry not Karl Rove…

In an interview today allegedly Fox news showed, Karl rove, in an interview where he seemed to be saying that standing up for America is a bad thing, (allegedly)

Karl seems to think a lot of himself, but is he really an authority, they say that he is some kind of “smartest” guy in the room, but is that sort of a thing of the past?

Is Karl Rove no longer really a great predictor?

Is Karl Rove really as smart as the media seems to think that he is?

Is Karl rove really a moving force in politics any more?

There are good questions that should be answered, when you see Karl come out against a candidate that he knows a little about but perhaps does not know much you have to wonder about the motive behind such activity, is he really the “smartest guy in the room” 

The simple fact here is this, the more money that the FED prints, the less valuable the dollar becomes…

I would be interested to learn about what possible motivations that Karl might have when making statements that reflect negatively on a particular candidate.




Rick Perry

The liberals are already out in force and they are crying the sky is falling the sky is falling…


Can Rick Perry really win allegedly against a media backed Barack Hussein Obama?

This is the real question, can Rick Perry beat a two against one contest, where the media works against Rick Perry and for only Obama?

Is that really fair?

Should the media be picking a side in a political contest that was meant to take place as a content of the people by the people for the people?

Since the media should really report the news instead of trying to make the news should some news companies that are found to not really be a news company be shut down?

 So is this going to be yet another Texas president?

Some liberals are terrified that Texas Governor Rick Perry has got into this race because the real fact is that American need a leader and if that happens to be a man who grew up humble, then so be it.


rick perry for president

Can three term Governor Rick Perry win in an election?

That may be difficult to answer without some explanation the answer might be yes,

simply because the whitehouse is not doing what it could do to empower

the American people with jobs, it is as simple as that.  

We need a man that is capable of standiing up to the special interests, When hope and change is just not enough.

You need a good man to stand in the Gap and do the right thing for the American People, Rick Perry is that man.