What happened to Fox and Friends?

So I am wondering just when Fox news is going to actually report the new that North Korea has fired Artillery rounds at south Korea.

I mean come on, how crazy is this, if you were watching Fox news, you might not know about world new that is happening in the rest of the world.

Folks, I have to ask this question because I used to watch Fox and friends all the time, but recently I stopped watching them because of a lack of hard news, because along with the hard news, there was some laughter and some other good stuff, but lately it seems to be all fun and games, and no hard news.

Case in point, Today, The leading news story is about North and South Korea.

North Korea Fires on South Korea, South Korea scrambles Jets in response.

While fox and friends is running commercials about credit cards and double miles, on purchases, there are serious things happening in the world, yet nothing is mentioned on Fox news, so perhaps Rockefeller is right perhaps fox new is not a new company and they are part of the problem instead of being a new company.

If you have been watching Fox and friends you don’t know about this news story and let me tell you that this is serious stuff, yet, not a peep on F and F, so one thing for sure, if your watching F and F at the end of the world you may not find out about serious concerns in the world.  Which is not bad if you want to have your head stuck in the sand when the world ends, but for me and mine, I want to see it coming…

That is disturbing and it sort of plays into the hands of the idea that Fox News is not a news company.


frank barney barney frank

Can we have this guy fired, I mean is it not time.

I say it is time to fire this guy, not because he is an alleged disgrace but because he is not allegedly any good at his job, you know in the real world when someone goofs up on the job they get fired, well its time to fire this guy.

Ok, here is the latest, email sent to us concerning the hopeful firing of barney frank, or is that frank barney, not sure, but hey this is good stuff, allegedly.

Dear Patriot

It seems like everybody is talking about the Barney Frank race. We have been shining a light on this race for more than a year and now it is clear, Barney Frank is running scared! Now Barney Frank is blaming everybody but himself for the challenge that he is facing. To figure out why he has become a target of conservatives across the country Barney should look no further than his involvement in the collapse of the housing market via his friends at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

We are ready to step up our efforts in this race but we need your help. We have set a goal to commit $150,000 to this race. Today is October 1st and we have just a little more than a month to make this happen. You can help us retire Barney Frank by making a generous contribution ——-HERE——-

This race is receiving national attention from Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the conservative media. This race is clearly winnable! Imagine the message it would send to the politicians in Washington if Barney Frank is brought down by WE THE PEOPLE for the corruption our government refuses to investigate.

We don’t have much time and we must not waste this opportunity to defeat the most despicable man in congress! We need to raise $125,000 by Monday to make a significant impact with mailers, media ads, and an event. To reach our goal we need everyone to make a contribution of whatever they can afford, whether that is $25, $50, $100, or even the maximum contribution of $5,000! You can make your contribution by clicking ——–HERE——–

To reach our goal we need 500 patriots to make a contribution of $100 or more and 250 patriots to make a contribution of $250 or more. Barney Frank has done more to deflate the value of your home and damage the economy than any other politician! This isn’t just a contribution it is an investment in liberty and the future health of our economy! Please make a contribution and then forward this email to everyone you know, together we will tell all politicians that WE THE PEOPLE will not stand for corruption!

Send a message that its time to pack it up…