Reporter asks tough question

 Did President Obama make a subtle suggestion to an NBC reporter?
 Now a popular online website recently suggested that Obama may have suggested something in a gesture.

Were not sure, but it is possible, you might think that this would have been more appropriate had the question come from fox news. Still its an interesting suggestion and perhaps even more interesting is what may happen next, will the media begin to do more to bring real questions to the floor?

Its a good question as we have seen in the past when other presidents, (usually Republicans) are asked really tough leading questions while we have much less interest in this president, is it fair? Decide for yourself watch the Video.


The world is on fire and you dont know it?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you ended up being the last one to know something had happened in the world that would change your life?

What if there was a flood and no one bothered to report it?

The idea that the media cannot be trusted to report the news is something that up until the last 20 years was something that only crackpots thought about, but how things have changed.

For instance, there are reports coming out now that it is very possible that the United States Armed Forces, could have saved the lives of our fallen men that died in Libya.

Have you see this one the news? 

Probably not, if your reading this for the first time, then there are a lot of things you probably never heard before.

These days it seems that the media not only do not report the actual news they make the news up…

You may not know that many people are turning to the internet to see different views on world events, simply because some chowder-head producer and liberal station owners, censor the news so that you never see what they do not want you to see, (sounds like a good movie right,) the only problem is that its true.

If Europe were on fire or the middle east were having serious problems, you might never learn about it if you watch many of the biased news companies, (hint most of them have three letters)  there are so many issues with news companies that do not report the news…

Take a recently published news story where the reporters made up evidence against a suspect.

   Does that sound bad to you? 

It should because it happen in Florida this year.

Did you hear about it on the news?

No, you probably did not, because, when reporters break the rules they mostly don’t report the facts behind criminal activities by reporters, why is that you might be asking , well that is a very good question because the story above is not fictional it is factual, no charges were filed against the reporters, in fact they did not even loose their jobs. 

The truth is what reporting should be about, not making up evidence against what might be an innocent man.

The issues we face these days are complicated, but the people you trust to bring you the news are as important as the news is because if the news media cannot be trusted to report the news when you need information you may not ever hear about the most important news stories in the world.

Question, the news media because what you don’t know can hurt you more than you realize.






irene obamas katrina?

Slow response?

People Stranded?

Sound familiar?

Is Irene Obamas Katrina?

That is a good question, because as of this AM, New Jersey, is waiting for help, from the Pen of President Obama, could there be a political bias at work here, just as many asked President Bush about why it took so long to do something about Katrina, what is going on, was the media wrong?

Was the Media lying about bush and are they not covering this story now?

What is going on with the Media anyway, are they really as stupid as they appear to be?

Or are they intentionally being stupid? We have to wonder because it is obvious that when you see huge flooding in states upstream from New Jersey then you know it has to be a problem for New Jersey, that is just common sense, but the thing is do they have any common sense at all?


bernanke traitor?

In many ways the FED, may not even be constitutional, in fact I have never read in the constitution where the FED is of a legal authority at all.

Are we being ripped off by a corporation that is not even allegedly legal at all?

Would Bernanke be a Traitor if he were to print, more money without, the resources to back up that “printing” Would that be a Traitorous, act as Presidential Candidate Rick Perry, has allegedly said that it was or should be a criminal act, (allegedly) You do have to wonder, because the dollar is very unstable right now and the stock market is also not very stable.

Considering that many economists, have said, that we could be facing some serious problems in our future, would it not be something close to being a Benedict Arnold, for a man to do something that would allegedly further destabilize the dollar? The truth might be that Presidential candidate Rick Perry might actually be correct.

But if that were true, then why would the FED, even consider doing such an Evil, (allegedly) thing to act in a manner that might destabilize the currency of the US would that not be something that would be a traitorous act?

Again, it is allegedly possible, so why is Fox news trying to push one candidate over another? When you look at the coverage, that has been afforded to Rick Perry, you have to ask, what is fox news trying to do here because they allegedly act like they have a dog in this hunt. That dog would be Mitt Romney, who many agree cannot win in a contest against the current President Barack Hussain Obama, so why would Fox news, be trying to help someone that allegedly they know cannot win over Rick Perry?


That is a good question that some people want an answer to…


Think about it, is Fox news really fair and Balanced, or are they one sided and allegedly bigoted?

activist judge

country judge

Apparently a county judge has decided that she has the authority to DICTATE, to the entire voting public of Wisconsin that she has the right to tell the state elected legislature, how to conduct business on behalf of the people, it is disturbing to see this kind of thing simply because if it is allow to continue we could see this happening all over the US.

This brings up a good question, considering the separation of Powers, which is well defined and cannot be questioned, legally this judge could be found in violation of her oath of office, as well she could face disbarment, and criminal charges, if it is discovered after an investigation that this judge has received any contributions and or other funds that could be viewed as improper and unethical.

Not to mention that the state is the authority in question not the country, which means that this lawsuit is also improper, the very idea that a country judge has the authority to subvert the constitution of the state of Wisconsin is just unbelievable.

What is even more interesting is to see if the elected governor will take any action to stop this miss carriage of justice or if he will just cave in and cow-tow, to the whims of a country judge who has no authority over the state of Wisconsin.

It seems to me that an writ should be issued to bar this judge pending a full investigation of her “activities”

What will happen, will the state bow to the liberal judge, who has no authority over the state?

Will the Attorney General order an investigation of this issue with regard to this judges authority to issues any orders effecting the state and the business of the people.

Should this judge be disbarred?

commericals are too loud

Calm act passes, but did it make a difference?

So have you noticed any difference?

Well Calm act has been passed, it took over a year to do it, but finally it is done, but are TV producers doing anything about it yet?

TV viewers, rejoice: You'll no longer get blown out of your seat by the difference in volume between the television program you're watching and the commercials that air during it.

The answer is well not yet, or at least we have not noticed any reduction in the loud obnoxious commercials airing on most of our TVs, in fact, the loudness of most commercials has remained unchanged, so this is a good question and its answer is something that is relevant.

So what is happening, are we going to one day be free from all the noise pollution that commercials have been blasting us with since 1960 there have been hundreds of thousands of complaints, but there has been no action.

Years and years and years, but no action, why now?

Could it have anything to do with the FCCs attempt to claim the authority to regulate the internet and perhaps cable tv in the near future.

Welcome to the future welcome to your life controlled by government agents.

you would think that product manufacturers, could find a way to reduce the volume on the commercials they choose to show but not so.

They appear to be just stupid enough to get caught in the trap that allegedly has been laid by the FCC.

Because if they continue to do this eventually the FCC will rightly argue that they need to regulate cable because cable will not regulate itself.