Does Fox news distort the news?

Is it fair to say that every news company has a slant to the news?

We have to ask because it appears that fox news may not be doing you a favor at all,

Here is a recent alleged, Breaking News, GM November Sales up 21 percent, but is that true?

Would it not be more accurate to say that retail sales are not all they appear to be when you subtract Government, purchases, that sales are not up at all, allegedly, so that is not news is it?

That is what is interesting to me, because you could say that Union and special interest purchases are not true sales at all, but allegedly just marginal indications that some form of property is being transferred.

Over the last few months, it it becoming apparent that Fox news is not all it claims to be, but they can prove it by standing by the claim that they are fair and balanced, not just presenting a half truth such as the example above, respect, is what this is about, respect for intelligence.

WE are not stupid but apparently the media including Fox news thinks that we are all stupid zombies.

apology mistake arlen speter

did GM LIE?

Should what some are calling Government, Motors, be allowed to borrow more money on top of what really amounts to robbery of the American people before the bankruptcy?

So now GM is Begging, again, poor them they need more money to help pay for all the retirement benefits, that people are getting, poor them it costs an extra 2700 allegedly, for every car they make just so they can support those poor elderly folks, who by the way allegedly the average age is 60, you know what, it was a huge mistake to bail them out, everyone said so.

The teachers union lost millions, and millions when they went bankrupt and still people are buying these cars, wow, what stupidity.

In a series of recent commercials, GM, made some forward looking statements allegedly, stating that they were doing just fine and dandy at least that is what the commercial seemed to be saying.

However, in a news story today, it appears, that GM now is 5 Billion in the red, and needs even more money, and get this, your going to love this stuff.

They now allegedly, want to borrow more money so they can pay off some debt…

Ahh, that is like me saying to you can I borrow 5 bucks so I can pay you back the 10 bucks I already owe you and by the way I need another 5 bucks on top of the money so I can pay you back the interest that I owe you…

I just have to ask in what kind of twisted world does that stuff make any sense at all?

Could you get a loan like that?

The answer would be no…

Could you get a loan on top of a loan?

They said this would happen, when they went bankrupt, yes, they did…

They said, that this would happen, when we allowed them to borrow more money that it would not last, because they have too much debt, with the unions…

The money went for benefits, for retired workers, it went for expenses that were not needed, it went and was wasted now they want more and more and more…

Will it ever end? The answer, NO, it will never end until someone cuts the fat out of the unions, then it will end.

Until that time, GM will continue to bleed money and will not be able to produce a product that is not already goo expensive.