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  • Could Global Warming be on its way?

    We have heard for years that first global warming was going to destroy the world, but the truth is scientifically over the many many years, indications from scientists, (without an agenda) give positive evidence that there have been times when the climate was different hot then colder years, possibly related to the way that our […]

  • could global warming be real?

    [kc_heading_pac_16_headline_main_11 size=”25″ color=”#d50000″ ]Global Warming..[/kc_heading_pac_16_headline_main_11] Just a few short years ago many laughed at Al, thinking he was insane with all of the snow and ice, but now perhaps things may be a little different, is it really global warming or is it something else. Climate change might be more realistic simply because we know […]

  • media bias again?

    Can anyone beat the liberal media, and will Americans pay the price for evil men who have no conscious? Be very aware, we could be facing the second great depression very soon… This content was received in an email, (this contents are published here may not be the opinion of the owners of this website […]

  • blame it on bush?

    What, I know it is popular to blame everything from Katrina to Global Warming on former President bush but this is two years now and still we have the white house blaming things on Bush, come on guys, but that is just well sick. It is sometimes amazing at the level that someone would go […]