Tag: General Election

  • Why the Media likes Mitt Romney

    The Media seems to like Mitt Romney just like they liked John McCain. Remember that? Yes, we all do because, If John McCain were president now, we would not be in the dire conditions that were are in, our nation would be respected. We would not have the high number of lost jobs… We would […]

  • biased media

    Did mcCain throw the election so that another party could win? it seems unlikely, but you never really know one thing for sure, the media sure pulled a fast one with the support they gave McCain then later pulled so that the other candidate could win. Is the media trying to push candidates they think […]

  • Why Mitt Romney cannot win

    The Liberally Biased media probably wants us to pick Mitt Romney as a Candidate, for one reason and one reason only, because they think that he cannot win in the General Election.  The same thing goes for Barbara Bachman, what really is interesting is how the biased media seems to think that everyone in the […]

  • Media Jerks?

    Well this just in, folks, is the media a bunch of hacked jerks? One of the interesting things about the tea party movement has been to watch how the news media keeps changing their narrative about us. First they said we wouldn’t go anywhere. Then, after that was proven wrong, they said we were “crazy” […]