Playing Poker with Syria?

Are we now playing a game with foreign policy?

Think about that for a moment, never in the history of this nation have we seen such a lack of leadership.

Yesterday this happened.


tea party too radical?

Is the tea party getting too radical?

The thought sort of crosses your mind, you agree with some of the things they are saying but are they really starting to go too far.

Sure the Affordable Care act is a nightmare that has to be fixed or it must be repealed, foreign policy is what it is, there are some scandals that should be addressed and there are some things that are disturbing but does it mean that we need to talk about impeachment? 

Because most of us know that there is not going to be any such thing.

Were worried about the Zimmerman verdict, what do you think would happen if there was an impeachment?

Now that should concern you because from that perspective you look at the events of this administration and you think, Ok, so we watch as our nation is destroyed all because of what were worried about riots if an administration is criminally negligent?

Now that is to the right of what is happening to the left there are some social improvements, some people are eating better than they have in a long time because of help in the form of food stamps and yes some people are taking advantage of that but many need it.

We look at things and we think its the end of the world but the truth may be that every president does things that are not popular, Bush did things that were wrong and he did some things that were very right, this president may have some things that he does that are good but so far it appears that this affordable care thing, has gone off the tracks, mostly because he exempts many union backed companies and not small business, while the mandate that everyone pay into the system without any expectation of getting any thing out of it, now that is a problem, hopefully it will get worked out before the articles of impeachment are signed.



911 Politics

Benghazi a loss of Life and loss of leadership

In what is quickly becoming a very hot topic, Benghazi is the best picture of what a weak foreign policy will do for any nation in the world, the truly sad thing is that America has become the prime example of how weakness breeds contempt in your enemies.


More Security issues at us Embassy

A report by a news organization apparently has begun to filter through the news agencies concerning a very sad event where a man has been assassinated, this is a horrible situation and how can we continue to act so stupidly?


Masked gunmen shot dead a Yemeni man on his way to work at the U.S. embassy in Sanaa on Thursday, a security source said, the latest in a wave of assassinations in the Arab state where Washington is battling al Qaeda militants.

In so many ways we have a foreign policy that is demented and destructive to our service members and our officers that represent America abroad.

Have the democrats created a problem by spiking the football, with regard to the horror of so many issues in foreign policy.



Aarp aclu

Hillary Clinton, Extreme, statements?

In a recent news story on Fox news, a Video clip was played where Hillary Clinton compared the tragic events in Arizona as if they were the actions of an Extremist.

The problem is that according to all the information that we know, this is not an honest representation of the events that took place.

When intelligent people make mistakes like this it leaves a mark on us all, the sad events that took place were a result of a mental illness that went untreated.

This was not an extremist, nor was it proper to compare problems on foreign policy in this way.

At least Bill is smart enough to know this and would not have allegedly made this kind of terrible mistake, it is embarrassing to watch this kind of thing on TV.

Yet, for some reason they think its ok, to do this, people it is not ok, to allegedly lie to millions of people all over the world, if you are do this what would you do if you were ever to become president, I think this speaks to the main reason why we need a reasonable personality in the white house.

We need someone that can lead this nation not descend into partisan politics at every opportunity.

It is a serious concern when you see this kind of dishonest, political trickery, is something that we do not need in our government.

It is the very reason why we need calm personalities in office not this partisan distorted views that cause more harm than good, (allegedly)

We hope to see better examples of working together soon, because this is not the way to lead.