Fish dying earthquakes and 2012

The signs of trouble appear in many places, are you ready for a natural disaster were it to take place today?

Are we seeing the beginning of an indication of additional earthquakes as well as a lot of other happenings this year the trending information for over 40,000 dead fish in MO, is that the water got so hot that the fish just died, but what if its something else, perhaps an indication of some kind of deep geological event that we just have not yet discovered.

That could be at the bottom of the pile of events that have made 2012 a year to be remembered for a lot of different things but as many vulcanologist and seismologists would say the year is not over yet.

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BP oil diaster, manmade?

Will there be no end to this disaster, it is like a really bad movie.

Gushing oil, under the water, tons of oil, tons of pollution, tons of dead, fish, dead animals, the end result is terrible beyond any thing any one has ever seen.

Is it already too late, will we loose the ability to fish for food in the gulf, which by some estimates, is about 20 percent or more of our food supply?

Are we facing the worst disaster in our history, and is this something that could have been prevented?

The answer to both of those questions is yet, and even worse, it look like Washington is not helping.

In some cases it looks like and I stress it really looks like they are doing this intentionally, but how could that be, I mean would not the left, be screaming about this if it were true.

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Ecological Diaster Oil Spill

Is this worse than Katrina?

You know this is a three ring circus, why are they on capitol hill, insulting a citizen of a another country when oil is still spilling into the gulf?

Why is allegedly the Louisiana, coast guard, stopping attempts to clean up the oil spill, and allegedly because they had some concern about fire extinguisher, or some equally strange thing, people as james, said,, were in trouble, and your on capitol hill, asking like children…

We think it might be, because of the long term effects…

Some allegedly are saying that it could take 20 years or more to get over this mess.

This is likely the worst Disaster in the history of oil spill management and it is still going on more than 30 day into the mess that has caused more losses than any spill in history, and it has not even been stopped yet, even after they stop it,

It may not really be stopped at all, they are saying it is bad, but they have no idea how bad this really is, in fact the fish in the gulf and possibly as far as the Atlantic may and could be toxic for 20 or more years.

30 percent of the nations food supply, gone, for more many many years, ok, what part of this situation does not stink?

This was planned, (allegedly)

and it could be worse than that…