shoval ready jobs?

The Term Shovel ready jobs made the scene some time ago when the so called stimulus, was to create jobs that were already waiting for someone to come along and go to work, what is puzzling is that after more than one year it was finally admitted that there were no shovel ready jobs, so one thing that we are wondering is why the media has not reported on what happened to the money.

Where is the money, that these so called non existent shovel ready jobs where money was spent to bring about these projects?

An accounting of what happened to that money is in order and it is interesting that no media outlet has covered this topic.

Where is the 350 billion in TARP funds that was never spent.

What happened to all that money, people want to know, because when you start talking about how your going to have to cut people that barely have enough money to buy food to eat, and you start talking about how your going to have to cut funds to projects that effect the elderly, people want to know where is all that money going?


Media Jerks?

Well this just in, folks, is the media a bunch of hacked jerks?

One of the interesting things about the tea party movement has been to watch how the news media keeps changing their narrative about us. First they said we wouldn’t go anywhere. Then, after that was proven wrong, they said we were “crazy” and “radical.” Then they called us racists.

Now, US News & World Reports is suggesting we aren’t making an impact. Despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars the past few weeks on campaigns and independent expenditures for constitutional conservatives, US News is saying we’re not putting enough money into the General Election races. Here’s the headline from their news story today: