Tag: Dishonesty

  • Mr Cruz Goes to Washington?

    Many of you may remember the excellent classic movie about a good man going to Washington only to encounter vast corruption and dishonesty. Sound familiar? It certainly should because if you have not seen this movie it is like watching the future from the past.

  • Fools in charge

    Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat seems to think that dishonesty is something that is ok… The thing is it is not ok and this woman is an example of why and what is wrong with America. We need to stop electing people like this, just look at this woman and you will…

  • blumenthal the truth behind the lies

    Jokes politics and immaturity… One thing on this story is disturbing, well OK perhaps more than one thing, it is disturbing that there may be people serving in our state government that are not only immature, but have problems with the truth, ok, yes, ok, so what is new about that, well for one thing,…