Traitors in Congress?

Is Rubio Finished as a Politician?

Should McCain be Recalled?

What is going on with these politicians that cannot understand English…


How does it feel to be ignored? Not only do we have a far left, Marxist president who targets his political opposition with an intent of either silencing them, destroying them, or both, but we also have a Congress who demonstrated yesterday that they put rights granted by them to illegal immigrants over rights granted by the Constitution to American citizens. It is obvious that we MUST continue to fight stronger, harder, and smarter against these tone deaf politicians. But, we cannot do it without your help.

The truth may be hard to understand but one thing is clear Republicans are divided…

The Senate voted yesterday to move the amnesty granting immigration bill forward. Yesterday’s vote cut off debate for the 1,200 page Corker-Hoeven Amendment that was written on Friday and that was not read. Dirty Harry Reid will likely not allow debate on the bill itself and force a vote on Thursday or Friday. This was not the end. It CANNOT be.  This amendment will be even more of a threat to America and her rightful citizens than the Gang of Eight bill was. If you believe that rewarding lawbreakers with special treatment and privileges is NOT acceptable, then help us fight this madness!

The truth about these complex bills that no one reads is that they are not good for America and anyone that votes for these things should be relived of duty they should be fired.



Angle is a better canidate?

Is Sharon Angle a better candidate, well the voters will decide that race, but one thing for sure, at least Angle is honest, which ol Dirty Harry may not be able to say it, so no matter what they offer, the real voters will do the right thing here, and that is not what dirty people want.


Angle pulls ahead of Reid in NV race?

Well it sure looks like the dirty tricks are starting to really get some traction.

Reports are coming in that some vote fraud (allegedly) is being endorsed by the Sec of State for Nevada.

Should this be true, that leader might be removed if convicted of participating in vote buying which is illegal allegedly in Nevada.

So, will this be a case there Angle wins because of Crimes committed by the democrats?

The world wants to know why Harry is playing Dirty Harry?