Everything changes

 In every society change is the most active phenomenon.

 Life is always interesting…

One of the most important things to remember in the pursuit of happiness is that every thing is bound to change.

 Nothing ever stays the same what seems interesting is that often it is human nature to resist change…

Life is always changing that includes everything from political Nannies, to the space program which I consider the height of ignorance to actually scrap a program that has produced so much promise over the last 50 years, but hey you know how it goes.

Things change, it is part of the human condition if it were not true we would still be sitting around in caves thinking it would be nice to have a wood floor but the dirt is just so easy to sit in.

Some of us still sit in the dirt of human existence because we do not want to change.

They sit there and they behave the same way over and over again, we have laws to protect those people from doing harm to themselves or others, but those laws do not work, we try to help those people, because we want to believe they can change that they can find that better path, but they do not. 

You might wonder why it is that some of these people seem to be so bent on a path that causes pain and suffering to the ones they love.

There is no real answer except for this…

They do not change because they do not want to change, they do not stop behaving in ways to put themselves at risk because they do not want to, they do not stop gambling because they do not want to stop gambling, its human behavior and you can not do anything about it.

You can pass all the laws you want, you can get police on the street until everyone has broken some of law, but you will change nothing.

You can put every last person in jail that refuses to change.

But it will not change anything…

In the end you will have a government that will go broke trying to make people do things that they do not want to do and in the end you will fail because you cannot take the will of a human into your own hands.

It is the one thing that you simply cannot take away and the biggest reason why that is true is that it does not belong to you.

We all know people that we love and we would like to pass a law to get Pam or Sue or Tom or Bill to straighten up and stop doing those things that hurt the people they love but the truth is you cannot stop them from doing those things by passing laws or locking them up in prison.

Sure there are extreme cases where locking someone up because they are violent or have caused violence and property damage or have committed violent crimes, but most of the time, non violent individuals that keep to themselves and do not harm or disturb the peace these people do not belong in Jail.

Of course our subject is drugs and the use of those drugs, they often call this self medication it is abuse no question about it, but you cannot force anyone to change nor can you condition their behavior, you can try, but when it comes to the state sponsoring law enforcement actions to incarcerate a non violent population then enslave them with fines, probation, and felony convictions which forever punish them by creating and limiting them to jobs that no one else wants, that is wrong and it is evil.

Yet, for the most part most of modern society does not care about these people, even the organizations that try to help them do not have much support from the wider community.

Addiction is a sickness it is a terrible thing to witness, watching people slowly kill themselves with chemicals, but you cannot stop that, you might slow it down, you might make it difficult you might make it expensive and dangerous to everyone involved in such behavior but you cannot stop it.

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Tax cut or Tax increase, fox news drops the ball again?

So has Fox news once again missed this story?

It seems like it might actually be that way, because the story should be this, US citizens, get to keep more of their money, so they can spend the money any way they would like to spend it, so in reality you cannot really say it is a tax break when its your money right?

Do you believe that they should be able to take your money for any reason they desire if you do then you believe in tax breaks, or tax cuts, but in reality, lets examine what this is because the media will not tell you.

Not even The Vaunted Fox news, who claim to be fair and balanced.

It is a tax cut or a tax increase that is the question, because you have to look at what things really are not what people say that they are, so which is it, lets have a look at this because it is something that effects everyone.

The adoption of language that would seem to propose, that money earned by someone does not actually belong to them is well sort of surprising, but that is what is being said on national TV.

Even Fox news, the Vaunted Oh, so fair and balanced, have been seen using this talking point, which must be really funny to the opposite view, they must be really laughing, because, the idea that what you have belongs to someone else just because they say it does is laughable, would not the richest men in the world, laugh at you if you walked up to them and demanded half of what they owned?

In fact it would be considered a criminal act, robbery to be precise.

Yet this is what is suggested by the term social justice or redistributing wealth.

It is robbery, thievery, lies, evil.

That is what it is, no way to debate it, the idea that just because you make more money you should pay more money is sort of stupid, but and here is where it ceases to be funny, there have always been the few that owned what the many have always hoped to have.

If we allow this talking point of the myth of tax cuts or tax breaks, which do not exist at all.

If we allow, this to go unchallenged even on fox news, then there is little hope for prosperity to ever return to this nation, after all we are burning our food in the name of what?

saving the planet, you know what, and I sure hope that no one is shocked, here, but this planet, will get along just fine long after you and everyone you know are in the dirt, yes, just as those that came before you, and those that came before them, the earth survived, the idea that somehow you are special over anyone else that ever walked a mile on this earth well that is just plain ignorant.

So, back to myths, since we have dispelled several of them today, the tax cut thing, well that is pure nonsense, when a man earns one dollar they pay taxes on it, it that has not paid a tax on that dollar they earned, then that is not his fault, if you want to make sure every dollar in the nation is taxed once, and you consider that fair then pass that law, and make it so that no one in congress can be exempt from any law they make for the rest of us.

That is the real key to any long lasting success.

Congress cannot make a law that they are exempt from that is not only illegal but criminal.

Think about it, what if congress decided to pass health care reform that kills people because they get old.

Then they proceed to exempt them selves from that rule, is that fair?

Well I hope your not surprised but that is what has already been done and this is why so many people favor the repeal of the health care debacle. Because it does not apply to everyone, it is not legal under the equal protection clause of the constitution, you cannot apply one set of rules to one class of people and exempt another class of people from those same laws, that is not legal, yes, our congress has done this evil thing.

Yes evil, that is what it is, yet you hear nothing about it on the news.

What kind of news company does this?

What kind of news company covers only parts of the news that they decide they want to cover?

That kind of news is what they call biased news, perhaps they are all biased.