2014 election results Dictators rule Politics

President prepares to Dictate…

What could possibly go wrong after all the president is doing what “HE” think’s is best for our nation…  Are we on the edge of something big?  Shouldnt we take a step back and count the cost.

Cool Song…

Kinda Katching on….

What if what one man thinks is not the truth for everyone else…

Think about it.

We know throughout history we have examples of leaders that went too far, We know the cost and if we cannot learn from history where does that leave us.

When the few dictate to the many does that not mean a total loss of freedom and sovereignty?

Should we not step back from the edge?

The owners of this website do not condone nor accept any ideals that may or may not be associated with the song above.

This is not what you think it is because were just doing what we think is best for this nation.



2014 vote them out Politics

No Freedom of Speech?

2014 vote them out Politics

Grace Go I ?

WE have all heard the phrase there but for the Grace of God go I…

 In fact I have said that very thing though at the time I did not truly mean it.

Since that time which was 2007 I have been down a road that few people would to tread.


I have seen the medical system corrupt at its core, rotten with abuse garbage and waste.

Medical doctors that take kickbacks while providing cheap services on the side.

Labs that generate fake invoices (allegedly) with the intent of covering costs and increasing profits.

Insurance companies that promote treatment options that harm patients.


The less educated patients in this system do one thing and one thing alone, they die.

Not because of any intentional action taken by doctors or nurses but because the doctors do not have or take the time to actually examine a patient.


If you doubt that think about the last time you had to take off your clothes and wear one of those drafty robes….


I will let that sink in for a few moments.


You see doctors spend on average 12 to 28 minutes with a patient and if during that limited time you are not asking the right questions your medical condition may never be diagnosed.

You could end up with stage four cancer just because you did not ask the right questions for what would be the most important 15 minutes of your life.


I have walked the pathway where there for the grace of God they go…


The problem is they have never been nor seen the real world where people are turned away by using sophisticated psychology and out right lies by medical doctors and you may be thinking how is this even possible.

I can assure you that it is not only possible but it has happened and does happen ever single day.






2014 vote them out Politics

How to make lemonaid with bad lemons

We all want to hope the best for everything in life, from our jobs to our home life and everything in between.

There is always a balance and that balance is worthless if you cannot understand that when something goes bad you do not just throw good money after bad intent.

 Mistakes were made, were they intentional mistakes or were they because no one bothered to do their jobs…

They did not read the bill because they either did not care enough about what they were doing or they failed to uphold the oath of office.

Those that voted for it failed to do their jobs.



Health Care Pain coming soon?

 [kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”45″ color=”#cc0000″ ]Health Care Pain..[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1]


Will we find soon that we are in for a rough ride with health care, will people with serious diseases be denied health care because others who are more deserving or more wealthy, might be provided life saving treatment.

Imagine what would happen if they had to check on paperwork to see if your life is worth saving…

They might decide that you do not have enough worth to society because when you get right down to it, that is what this is all about.

It is about who is of value and who is not of value, the poor will remain of little value while the rich will still be provided the best of services.

The only thing that will change here is that we will end up with a system that is totally broken…

There is no denying that we have a problematic system that needs to be fixed, however it is not an easy fix and what ever is done must be done with care but over all and above everything else it must be legal…

That means according to the Constitution, not nine people in black robes.

Should the Supreme court decide to go against the Constitution then the Congress backed by Millions and Millions of Voting Americans must vote and remove from office those that seek to enslave and to oppress the people.

The People have the right to be free of dictators and tyrants, it is what this nation was built upon.

Congress should be ready to take action to

stop any decision that is a violation of the principals of the Constitution.

It is time that the people vote and that time is in November.

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suspend elections?

In what could be the beginning of the end for the allegedly liberally embattled, Governor of North Carolina, a statement was made about What might be viewed by some at least as an alleged crime, or even perhaps treason?  Perhaps, depending on what the governor really meant because the constitution is the basis for our electoral process,  If the Governor is suggesting that we suspend the constitution because it is inconvenient then perhaps it is time that she resigned and allowed someone else to do her job because when people find that they can no longer do the job for which the people have elected them then it is time.

dictators of America?
dictators could one day try to do this in order to take over the Governemnt


This situation is what liberals might one day try to do should the agenda they have attempted to destroy the US with fails, they would just happily suspend elections, after all, if there are no more elections then liberals could just keep on destroying this nation until there is nothing left. My friends, this is what we have to face, liberals in government are allegedly traitors and they must be voted out of office, if they will not resign then they must be voted out, they do not care for the laws, they only want to take over and become fat on the backs of the poor, that is what these people are and that is what these people do. This coming election is the most important election
in this nations history.

Vote them out….