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  • President prepares to Dictate…

    What could possibly go wrong after all the president is doing what “HE” think’s is best for our nation…  Are we on the edge of something big?  Shouldnt we take a step back and count the cost. Cool Song… Kinda Katching on…. What if what one man thinks is not the truth for everyone else… […]

  • How to make lemonaid with bad lemons

    We all want to hope the best for everything in life, from our jobs to our home life and everything in between. There is always a balance and that balance is worthless if you cannot understand that when something goes bad you do not just throw good money after bad intent.  Mistakes were made, were […]

  • No Freedom of Speech?

  • Grace Go I ?

    WE have all heard the phrase there but for the Grace of God go I…  In fact I have said that very thing though at the time I did not truly mean it. Since that time which was 2007 I have been down a road that few people would to tread.   I have seen […]

  • Health Care Pain coming soon?

     [kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”45″ color=”#cc0000″ ]Health Care Pain..[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1]   Will we find soon that we are in for a rough ride with health care, will people with serious diseases be denied health care because others who are more deserving or more wealthy, might be provided life saving treatment. Imagine what would happen if they had to check […]

  • suspend elections?

    In what could be the beginning of the end for the allegedly liberally embattled, Governor of North Carolina, a statement was made about What might be viewed by some at least as an alleged crime, or even perhaps treason?  Perhaps, depending on what the governor really meant because the constitution is the basis for our […]