dems making a mistake?

So should we follow the democrats in the folly of their ignorance or should we follow the path we know.

Will America allow the minority of liberals one in 10 thousand, to tell us all how we can live?

Why do they think they are so much smarter than anyone who came before them?

So what happens next,

what if the liberals get their way and smash the deal brokered by President Obama?

What will happen then if taxes go up and the economy crashes, the dollar goes south of 12 cents per dollar.

For a group of people that “think” they are so much smarter than anyone else, I wonder why they are doing this?

Are liberals making a serious mistake by going against the will of the American People?

Should they be recalled.


If the liberal democrats cannot do the right thing for the American people perhaps they should be let go.

They should pack it up, and go to the house as the old saying goes.

Will the people be forced to remove from office these goats and moss backs, because that is what they are saying, they are saying to the American people we dont care what you do, we are going to do what we want to do, we are going to vote against the will of the American People and vote the will of our masters.

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Republicians make mistake

Looks like the republicans are allegedly stupid as the dems are

Could the Repubs be in trouble at this late hour, after almost an assured victory in November they seem to allegedly be making all the wrong mistakes playing into the hands of the democrats.

This is just crazy, you know what If the republicans cannot get it together we can vote them out, and vote in candidates that can get the job done and in case you RINO republicans have forgotten what that job is.

It is representing the American people.

The political elitists continue to defy “We The People.”

Defeated Liberal RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski has announced she will defy the will of Alaska’s voters and launch a write-in bid to split the vote and deny Joe Miller a victory in November’s General Election against the Democrat candidate.

These establishment politicians are once again demonstrating the utmost hubris and contempt towards the people they are supposed to serve.

But fear not, fellow patriots, because we here at the Tea Party Express will not stand for this.  We have announced that we will fully back Conservative Republican Joe Miller and remind voters of Lisa Murkowski’s failed record, and ensure her plans to split the vote fail.

Once again, we will need your help to make this effort a success.

So, please, make a donation to our campaign for Joe Miller – HERE.