The truth about the Debates…

When you think about how the media have allegedly subverted the debate process and turned it into an entertainment show instead of what it should be.

What a Joke the Debates were this year, a series of shams perpetrated on people with weak minds.

But you know what is really wrong with that last statement?  It suggests that your stupid, too ignorant to figure out what to do with your life, so that is what the media really want to control everything about what you see, do, eat, think, feel, from what you do in the bedroom to everything in between.

Send a message to Washington this year, Vote, because it has never been more important, there has never been more at steak.

Just Vote.



Obama Wins first Debate?

Yes folks you heard it here first, President Obama has already won the first in a series of debates that is critical for Mitt Romney and the Tea Party to win, sadly they have already lost all of the debates.

Why is that and how is it possible to know the future before it happens?

Simple, I know the media, I know how they think and I know how they act, no matter what happens Romney will loose, the people that ask the question are biased liberal jackasses, (allegedly)

So what are we talking about here is it really so unfair that the liberals in the media would not create a fair debate because they want to influence the election?

You know the answer to that question and most people in the US do as well, the media are so biased (allegedly)

That they can no longer distinguish reality from their fantasy world, (allgedly)


No hope for republicians

So the idea that Romney has no hope and all the strangely weird (allegedly) poll numbers that tend to be based on information that no one seems to understand (allegedly) except for the allegedly biased media.

What hope does a candidate have against an incumbent president and a media that have no problem shifting the playing field allegedly to some kind of kangaroo court.

Will we see a difference or will the debates be biased and disgusting?



Supreme court Arrogance…

 Healthcare debates, health care decisions are going to be made that
will effect your life and the lives of those you love…


You know it is with great respect that men and women of all ages salute the Flag of the United States of America, for many years it has been what has kept this nation free.

We look back into the Unrevised Historical nature of the Declaration of Independence and we see not only those men who gave their lives in service to this great nation but also the families that sacrificed precious time with fathers and mothers so that so many of us might be free to pursue liberty and happiness.

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Read more here.

My Father was one of those men and he gave deeply to this Nation, I lost him in 2008 not to War as we all thought the case would be nor was it a case of sickness but to the lack of adequate, medical care in rural America, I know he loved the country and that was his life, he lived it with no fears and he was a great man but he was also a hero a man from Arkansas that served God and Country to the exclusion of everything else his mind was unaltered and with this have many men been saved.

Medical care in this nation is woefully under staffed, often you can walk into an emergency room in the rural areas of this nation and find equipment that is too old and all but impotent for the most basic of medical services.

My father was a Hero, both to this nation and his family, he lost his life not on the battle field, but in an emergency room that did not have the proper equipment necessary to save his life, Though at the time we did not realize that it was already too late, when I learned that he was delayed for one hour in this small town while they waited for an ambulance to take him to a larger hospital, that one hour they often call the golden hour.

[kc_heading_pac_11_headline_6 size=”45″ color=”#FC0″ ]The Golden Hour[/kc_heading_pac_11_headline_6]

The golden hour refers to a time period lasting from a few minutes to several hours following traumatic injury being sustained by a casualty, during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical treatment will prevent death. 

It has been well established that the patient’s chances of survival are greatest if they receive care within a short period of time after an injury.

My father flew into the jungles of Vietnam and risked his life for the freedom and his love of this nation.

Often He risked his life to bring valuable intelligence that saved the lives of men in the battlefield, yet when he needed a life flight to save his life, all they could manage was an ambulance, during which time he suffered continued medical damage to his heart, it was preventable.

I find it amazing that in a day and age of health care reform and the uniqueness that is this great America that my father lost his life because of a lack of care in a world that would not be free if not for men like my father.

I feel strongly that medical equipment needs to be in the hands of those that can make use of it including rural areas where resources are not as great as they are in larger areas.






Michelle Bachman cannot win

Why Michelle Bachman cannot win and should drop out of the race?

Perhaps, she should, after watching her attack on Perry it really convinced me that she is not capable of leading an entire nation, I was close to supporting her, but after the last two debates it looks obvious.

While she may be well spoken she cannot win, America may have celebrated a big first,

in 2008 however the nation is just not ready for this, sorry, that is just the way it is,

she cannot win, Sarah Palin cannot win.