Tag: Controversy

  • Rolling Stone may not be so hot off the press

    We all know that there are controversies, in every day life, sometimes we run into them in a line at a supermarket. But, we don’t have to take it, you can go to a different line at that supermarket or you can leave and go to the next store right down the road, usually a […]

  • Benghazi-gate the truth behind the lies?

    In what has become a political firestorm of controversy and excuses as well as some outright lies that were told to the American people and in which allegedly the media participated has produced a situation where water gate looks like an over night slumber party. Benghazi-Gate Coverups create huge problems for many voters and this […]

  • Fox, Directv, and the extortionists way?

    Is Fox extorting money from directv ? Should Fox be taken over by the government. While this might sound something of a strange story, apparently there is an ongoing controversy concerning the Fox network and directv.  On one side the story is that the evil News corp wants to increase the subscription fees, to a […]