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  • Fantasy Football

    This was easily one of the best lines of the night in the Presidential debate. You might wonder about the crazy stupid questions you saw last night. Fantasy Football… Chris Christie, I have to say this guy came off well and the truth is easy to understand…

  • chris christie

    Is Chris Christie a bully or is the media just lying to you over and over again.  We see the media and liberals try to paint an ugly picture but the truth is clear.

  • Chris Christie wins NJ

    Chris Christie¬† wins again, some may say this is an indication that things are about to change but not really. Christie is really more of a democrat than a republican.  

  • Chris Christie bows out

    Well a lot of people wanted him to run But in the end he probably wisely avoided The issue by endorsing the loosing candidate. What? Well Mitt Romney is not likely to win…   I really like this guy because you know what, he is honest, and that is a great thing.

  • Chris Christie

    This guy is down to earth, he is honest to the point of brutality, (hey it the shoe fits dude) And the liberal media cant wait to start making fat jokes, but considering how liberal they are and how tolerant they are, would it not be a sort of nasty business to do what they…