The Blame Game

Who is at fault or how can we fix it, which type of American are you?

Is this a blame thing, should we be trying to blame someone else?

A lot of people wonder what is going to happen next.

So what are we going to do, is bush to blame for this too?

Who should we blame, next?

Politics, Politics, Politics,

Is this what it is all about, can we not be Americans some day?

One thing is for sure, Washington has failed to do the right thing, they said they would veto it, so that is the bottom line, unemployment is up, growth is down, the democrats have no plan.

So what will the president do now, (nothing but blame everyone else?)

You just dont know what to expect with this president, because it is like watching a school yard bully push around his mates, that seems a little strange, to us, but hey you never know what might happen, one thing for sure, if he were to come out and say you know what lets pass a new bill lets call it Cut Cap Ballance, and Tax, and then we can get this economy moving in the right direction.

I will not be holding my breath here…

What will likely happen is that the President will come out and blame everyone else for what he should be taking adult action on, as the media keeps saying that he is the only adult in the room I hope he does the right thing and takes the blame, because this is his deal all the way to the banks and Fannie and Freddie.

911 Aarp aclu

New york Snow Troubles.

Sanitation Department’s slow snow clean-up was a budget protest?

The above story just aired on NYP

Many people were thinking that indeed this could have been the case, something was just not right about what was going on.

The bottom line is this, who will be responsible for those people that could not be helped by emergency services that were unable to get to them in time?

Will it be the unions?

Will it be the Governor?

Will it be Bush?

Sure lets blame it on bush, right, I mean thats what they do most of the time right?

Well no matter how this works out one thing is for sure, New York is the same as its ever been.

Warning this video contains some foul but typical new york language, if you might be offended by this do not watch this video.