Rick Perry Closing the border?

Can Rick Perry Close the Border?

Probably not…

But he can sure take action to protect the state of Texas from criminals exploiting a leaderless washington DC…

That is something that he can do and should do.


Border problems

We have a problem, it is on our
southern border.

It is becoming serious, many of these people are infected with diseases that could threaten the public’s safety and ability to work.

(You could make an argument that some of these people really refugees)

The biggest problem is that many of these people are not healthy and they are not being cared for in fact they are being dumped into cities that do not have the facilities to deal with this issue.


border violence

Will John McCain Stand up for Arizona?

or will he be quite on the issue as he has been over the last few weeks, what is wrong with a man that will not stand up for the

state in which he is a US senator?

Perhaps it might be better to elect someone else.

Arizona continues to struggle despite having one of the most supportive senators, in John McCain, but wait, why is he not speaking out in support of the Governor?   What is going on in Arizona, as they try to protect the American way of life from the threat of invasion.

The violence in Arizona continues, to increase, even after some in Washington use talking points to allegedly lie to the American public and say that we are safe, really if that is true then why all the signs warning people to stay out of the way and make sure you dont get killed.

This is growing out of control and has to stop, vote them out, it is the only thing they understand.