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Bob Beckel supports Juan Williams will wonders never cease?

Ok most of the time every word that comes out of the mouth of Bob Beckel, we don’t agree with, but I feel good after watching the Factor today, because Bob did the right thing.

Now for the most part, every time I see ol Bob, I know that some kind of trash is about to come out of his mouth, and you could tell he hated to agree with the consensus, which was well, it was entertaining to watch how he felt and the emotions he went through over the course of that story but in the end.

He stood up for Juan Williams, it is time to put an end to NPR because they are no longer a real media company, allegedly.

Earlier we saw where some hack writer, posted on the huffington post a piece about how they felt that Juan should have been fired, now I do not know how anyone in their right mind, (oh sorry its the Huff puff and I will blow your house down website) sorry, I guess you get what you pay for, on that rag, but you know what, this is racism straight up, no other way to say it, they fired the only Black male on the air, now it is only for white people or is that true?

Either way, I think that the amount of money coming into NPR will drop dramatically and one thing that has been a long time coming no more public Tax dollars supporting a company that has only one point of view a liberal one.

Tax dollars should not go to NPR period.

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Did NPR break any Federal laws?

Now this may not be popular but I can tell you one thing, this is evil, when they fired Juan Williams, they really made a serious mistake, plus accepting money from foreign contributors could be a federal crime?

We want to know for sure, one thing remains clear, NPR is no longer a public radio station, they should be called nationalist Private Radio, The CEO needs to be fired, and anyone under her that participated in this alleged racism.

Bob Beckel supports Juan Williams and has stated that he will no be supporting NPR financially.

We feel the same way, All tax dollars need to be revoked by congress in fact if there were justice they would be required to return the millions of dollars they have already received.

NPR, could be allegedly called national Public Racists, how about that for a handle, this is sick and it makes you want to puke.