Has Glenn Beck lost his mind?

Some just have to ask has glenn beck lost his mind or is he really making sense? does he have any real answers? if it sounds good does that mean that it is real or is it something else.


fox news not real news?

Real or just faked opinion?

Should Fox news be allowed to give out bad opinions, allegedly? 

Because a lot of people want to know and soon, perhaps real soon after beck leaves Fox might not be as happy as they are now.
So what do you think, are they real or are they fake should they be shut down by the White-house?

Entertainment or hard news?

Ask your self this question the next time you see the camera pointing up the skirt of the girl on the set, which by the way is likely offensive to at least half the audience, in different ways.

Opinion or Trash?

You have to wonder sometimes, is it really all about the news or is it all about the personal opinions of

Is fox news not really the news at all? or is fox news deceptive entertainment?

Would Fox news be required to post conspicuous and obvious warnings that some of the news stories they generate may be considered deceptive by the new definitions that the FTC propose to initiate for the internet. The idea that only reporting a part of the facts surrounding a news story is quickly becoming an alleged issue for many news companies.

Is this not deceptive? When a news story breaks and only part of the facts are shown is this not deceptive to the consumer. Amazing, stuff is the news really been reduced to this kind of trash? Certainty, you can see this reflected in the other networks, like NBC, CBS, ABC, most of those are really really biased, (allegedly)    


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Glenn Beck crazy?

Is glenn beck crazy?

Is here really?

I mean is he crazy as the liberal media, perhaps even biased, media suggests that he is?

because you hear all this talk of taking over the world.

Is he Crazy?

Some say yes others say no.

If he is Crazy, then we have nothing to fear… Right?

Sure, I mean just because someone thinks that the world has gone crazy, does not mean that it is true right?

But here is the thing that may change the way you look at things, what if he is not crazy?

What about that?

apology mistake

News media black out

Fox news makes big mistake, forgets where they came from…

Will it cost them, the answer is yes it will, if fox news continues down the trail they are currently on, (liberal positions in the news media)

They are just another Lying Liberal publication, nothing special, but if they go back to what made them special, well then things might change.

I have been a loyal Fox news viewer, since the election of 2000, but that is about to change, over the weekend one of the most important news stories of this decade was ignored by Fox news in favor of the Anniversary, of Hurricane Katrina.

Now folks that is the biggest Goof in journalistic history.

Yes the so called Fair and Balanced news company could not get the job done.

Get out your flash lights, because it is getting really dark in the world of TV, including now Cable news, like Fox news which did not cover, this event while having no problem covering all kinds of stuff, including the Mosque, but nothing to do with Christian faith.

You know what, that is really stupid at least on Fox news, because they claim to be Fair and Balanced, but they are not.

They are Biased, and as Biased as any of the other Squirrel, shows out there.

There has been a news media black out that will be felt all across this nation, when former viewers, begin to stop buying products that are advertised on these liberal stations, and for the first time since 2000 Fox news has fallen into alleged disarray.

They failed, to cover, an even with an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 American Voters, from all walks of life, from all races.

Yet, it was not news for the liberals.

Millions of Americans watched it, Sarah Palin was there, along with many thousands of guests, and hundreds of thousands of people, the media has distorted this from the start.

with comments like this,

“The two champions of the tea party movement spoke from the very spot where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech 47 years ago. Some civil rights leaders who have denounced Beck’s choice of a venue staged a rival rally to honor King.”

Source, yahoo news, so much for real news,

This is a LIE, they were near the spot but not at the same spot, seems the liberals have no fact checkers, but is that anything new?

No not at all.

Find out what you missed.

I would not have thought that Fox would have been such Cowards about this subject, but apparently they are no longer fair and balanced, because if they were they would cover this story and not ignore it, that was just stupid, I suspect that once the advertisers start to go the stock values will go south fast,