Liberal media in the tank

If your a constant reader you know we have been talking about how corrupt the media is and its not just the lame media either even on fox news you can see plenty of examples of not only unfair but not balanced either.


Is the media the real enemy?

It is hard to imagine that there are so many different things in life that are ignored by the media should they really be allowed to have protection when they lie constantly about almost everything?

In the last debate it became obvious that the audience did not believe that the media were being honest or fair.

That is a serious problem.


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Harry Reid and the kangaroo kourt

Imagine a world where your vote does not count.

A world where the entire world may be in favor of democracy but is over ruled by this man?

Who do they think they are?

When you look and listen to this statement you will learn something about people like harry reid, it is the same thing that we saw happen in 1944, when an entire race of people decided to look the other way while horrors were perpetrated on the people.

Yet, when the whole of the world does not agree with Harry Reid, what does he allegedly do?

He makes the alleged statement that race is involved, he does things that only an alleged fool would do.

Is this the actions of a man who represents the people of the state of Nevada?

Is this a man who is allegedly senile and medically unfit for duty?

Or is this the mind of a man who is no longer fit for duty under the laws of the United States of America.

Were not sure what the problem is but one thing we are sure of its time for the people to take back the congress.

It is time for the congress to return to the peoples business.

It is not the business of congress to force a business to provide controversial health products that anyone can get or receive at little or no money involved.

Its simple and it is affordable.

In fact allegedly you would find it difficult to find anyone who honestly even wants this thing.

Yet, people like Harry, want to force it on you, this is what is wrong in congress and it is time for the people to vote.