Political Bias must stop

Political Bias really has to end…

The truth about bias is that it is often presented as if it were the truth.

Is Bias the same as Opinion?

Are we not entitled to an opinion?

These are two very different questions and it is obvious to the thinking person that Bias is not the same as having an opinion however I suspect you can have a biased opinion…


Election Results

The Media have already prepared the election results.

Now you might wonder how that is possible considering that most of America have not cast their votes yet.
There is a huge issue concerning interference by the press in connection with how the results of the election are published.

The media are actively involved in subverting the will of the American Voter.

We know this is true however to date we have not seen one apology from the mass media when they step beyond what they should be doing as reporters of the facts and not the opinion of a handful of people.


The truth about the lying media

You can see it everywhere you look even the one network where you used to be able to count on them at least to tell a fair and balanced news story but no longer because even Fox News is now engaging in this despicable behavior.

They are with every word out of their mouths lying to the American Voter.

People this is what rigging an election looks like.


Sore Looser Republicans?

We have seen some of the most amazing things in this election cycle, corruption, lying, cheating, scratching clawing, cat fighting and more to come and that just covers the media much less the anti patriotic events of the last few days.

Republicans or those that say they are republicans, are betraying the American Voter and you know what makes it even worse?

They don’t care.