Did AARP make a million dollar mistake?

With the backing of the Health care bill did AARP
make a huge miss judgement?

many think so, and as some have suggested the old
folks are mad as well you know what…


You just have to wonder what is up with all these people that are in charge of these companies,
are they stupid? (allegedly)


AARP promotes Same sex marriage?

Ok, if this is true then it is really a sad day for America.

AARP uses member resources to advocate same-sex marriage and special rights for immoral behavior

Part of their membership fees or profits used to advocate same-sex marriage, homosexual adoption, repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy and special rights for immoral behavior.

AARP uses member resources to advocate same-sex marriage and pro-homosexual military policy.

AARP membership cancellation information provided below.

Click here to send your email to oppose AARP’s LGBT advocacy.

Page 38 of the July/August AARP bulletin contained an article titled “Pride Is Ageless” which announced AARP’s plans for “advocacy efforts in the LGBT arena.”

Above photo posted from AARP pride page.

The article stated “AARP has created a new online home for the older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.” The page links to news stories on such hot topics as same-sex marriage, gay adoption and the repeal of the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, as well as articles on personal finance, travel and other issues of interest. In addition, the site clarifies AARP’s positions and advocacy efforts in the LGBT arena. Check out the page at You may read this new AARP section for yourself by clicking here.

Take Action

Please forward this article to anyone that you know who may be an AARP member including friends whose parents or grandparents may be members and encourage them to consider cancelling their membership, otherwise their money may be used to promote the homosexual political agenda.

AARP members who would like to cancel their membership and receive a refund for their unused membership time may do so by:

  • Sending an email to with name, address, date of birth and membership number and request to cancel. Please make sure that an email confirmation of cancellation is received within two days.
  • Call 1-888-687-2277 with membership number in hand and follow the automatic prompts.
  • Log onto with membership number in hand, complete the form and follow the “continue” buttons to cancel.

We have prepared an email for you to send to AARP officials to express concern regarding AARP’s “advocacy efforts in the LGBT arena.”

Aarp aclu


Is AARP really helping our senior citizens or are they helping themselves?

Is AARP really all about the people or are they allegedly just another profit for hire?

My parents tried out AARP for a time but later it sort of became this all out advertising platform, (allegedly)

I just think that over the last few years AARP seems to have lost its desire to help out the folks, more so with the alleged lack of concern

that now for three years in a row, there will not be a COLA, for Senior Citizens, many who are living from check to mouth, and on top of that it happened on the democrats watch.




AARP remember what they did to you?

You have to wonder about a company that would rather spend millions and millions of dollars in advertising and damage control over a stupid PR move than to come out and admit that they made a mistake.

That is pride sure and simple something that old folks understand or do they?

Just the way it is or just the way it should be?

Why has AARP allegedly taken the side of health care reform when it has caused the cost of premiums to go up, or do they think were all so stupid that we cant remember what AARP allegedly did to its customers, and senior citizens.

Remember how AARP supported, the Health care fiasco, well they seem to think your too stupid to remember it.

Do the AARP people think your a stupid senior citizen tottering around in an old folks home with little or no brain left in your head?

Amazing these guys seem to think that all seniors are just plain stupid, perhaps they are right, because for some reason, I have friends that are still AARP members even after AARP basically betrayed them, (allegedly)

Does AARP really stand up for those that they say they represent?

Can I ask you a question, what kind of company, would rather spend millions and millions on advertising to allegedly lie to your faces, rather than to admit they are allegedly so liberal that they cannot allegedly act in your alleged best interest?

So do they really think we are as stupid as all that?

Apparently they do…

Amazing, that an organization like this could be so allegedly biased.

So what is going on, why are they pushing an agenda allegedly that is the opposite, allegedly of how they advertise?

They have spent millions advertising,