2014 vote them out

Voting time, 2014 election

IT is soon going to be time to get out and to vote.

This year may be the most important election in the history of this nation.

The truth about this election is that it will be decided by those that do vote.

If you choose to not vote this year everything could change…

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Mental illness in Washington?

Are they all insane in Washington.

When you think about how insane this actually is you will understand how important it is to vote in this 2014 election.

It is time to send washington a message…


refugee crisis at border

There is a crisis that has been occurring on our southern border this has been happening for months now.

But because the media did not report on this serious problem few voters realized how bad it was getting until it was too late.

border crisis health care crisis, diseases, children
2014 election may be decided on this issue


Imagine what damage might be done when no one is helping these refugees, that is what they are after all and should we treat them any differently?

Are refugees treated differently anywhere else in the world?

Sure they care and feed them and often the red cross steps up and does what other cannot do but what about this situation?

What is going to happen next because it looks like no one in washington understands what needs to be done.

No one seems to see what is happening for what it is.



Political Hash Up

Well let the Circus Begin, Phones began to ring Today.

Polls being conducted by Computerized voices asking questions about how you feel about a lot of very important political issues on the agenda for this 2014 election season.

The mud slinging has officially begun and it’s going to get down and dirty this season.

Here are 10 from 2012.



The Political Theater has begun and its going to be an EPIC year for politics.

 Sarah Palin hit it out of the park…


2014 election coming up

The next political chapter in what has recently become a rather bizarre treatise on who is to blame for everything under the sun.

Its almost like a game show.

“Welcome to the Blame Bush show”

Yes folks today and today only you can blame Bush for everything under the sun, want to feel better about electing a president that would rather play golf than solve the biggest problems facing this nation, yes that’s right lets just blame Bush…


Why the 2014 election is important

You may be thinking that the media has overlooked one of the most important elections in history.

Election 2014

You would be right because the media would rather just move on to 2016…

Why is that, simple they know that what they have been doing is wrong and they do not want you to vote in 2014.

    So, we should what just not vote anymore….


2014 election

This coming election cycle is likely the most important election of your life…

2014 vote them out Politics

Sarah Palin is Back

You know what the media tried to destroy a good woman, they tried but they failed, they went after her children they went after her disabled child, the liberal skum bucket press, went after her in every way, holly wood even made movies, you know what no one cared, they still love Sarah Palin why is that?

She is real and the media are not real they are lonely frightened fools that pretend to be important.

 Its time for real world politics, its time for the 2014 election it cant get here soon enough…