Political Bias

Did Wolf Blitzer try to inject bias into some of the questions on last nights republican tea party debate?

Are Americans tired of the constant coverage of all kinds of  stupid topics?

Every day you see political bias in the news, sometimes, it is directed at one party or another, but almost always it is not fair, nor is it balanced.

Fox news seems to think that they have this idea of what fair and balanced really is, but is that true and more importantly are they being influenced by bias on behalf of data they “think” represents America?  Are they more interested in what the Advertisers have to say or are they more interested in the peoples view?

In a news story by the new york times, (used to be a better publication allegedly) a writer talks about political extortion, which is well a lie, since the real truth tends to support that the party of no here has been the democrats, while Harry Reid has not allow a vote on legislation that would actually help balance the budget, the democrats have said no.

Mitch McConnell said hey why not have a vote on both measures, the Harry Reid, measure, (which is allegedly unconstitutional) since all spending bills shall originate in the house, but hey OK that has not stopped the democrats from doing what ever they can no matter if it is legal or not.  Go figure.  Still we have all this political bias in the news media, now that is something that is really interesting, when you study history, and read what was written back in the middle 1800s, you can see a pattern developing here and it is not a pretty picture.

So what can we expect from our dearly elected leaders?

Apparently not much as they continue to blame each other, and the news media continues to blame one party when obviously both parties, are at fault, and not just for this last three years, but for the last 70 years.  There has been a growing issue that is causing some serious problems and we need to take some action and get this done right, not some half baked ignorant super congress, (no Gangs are mentioned anywhere in the constitution) Gangs are not constitutional.

Get it right Washington or the election in 2012 will prove to be unsettling for many of you moss back hypocrites, that have been up there far too long.


The end of liberty

Is this the end of what we consider freedom?

This is the result of what will happen if Washington has its way, you will not be free to do anything they will tell you when to eat, and what to eat.

They will tell you when to sleep and how long to sleep.

They will tell you when to go to work and how long it should take you to get there.

They will hire unions to come up with an average time that it takes to get to work and if your late, opps.

Sounds crazy right, sure, just like everyone is crazy that dares to say anything about what is going on, people need to wake up or one day you will look out your window and see a different flag flying because while you sleep, they are filing lawsuits in places like Arizona, and other places seeking to take away the freedom of the people to act.

This is insane, if you get another chance to vote, in 2012 vote them out, because that is the only thing that will make a difference.